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A Whole New Fitness & Weight Loss Experience!

A Warm WELCOME from Karen and Dean – Real Fitness

ARE you Ready?

March Madness Challenge Board.

The Rules..

First 20 to pay for their Real Fitness Pass will receive a play board!.. Only 10 places left NOW!!

Monday to Friday to Complete, the one with the most will WIN.

You must provide Evidence and Post on the Real Fitness Facebook Page Daily.

You must follow the dates accordingly and can’t do multiple days in one go!

Bring Your Board to each Fitness Session and a Coach will mark to say attended!

Winner will be announced 1st April and will receive a Real Fitness Tech T Shirt/Vest to show off their efforts on the March Challenge.


Month Passes available online HERE or pay at your next session

Real Fitness is based on the belief that we aim to provide everything our client wants in regards of their Fitness Goals, and we always strive to continue to improve running (1)what we have to offer.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust as we have others who continue to strive and challenge themselves in their personal journeys; Real Fitness Style – We deliver the best Fitness and Weight Loss Workouts in the industry.

How do we know this?

Check out what our Clients say on a daily basis, there’s nothing quite like reading about a Company and leaving you bare to the truth from the people that attend.  That’s why we call ourselves Real Fitness we thrive on the Truth – No Bull!

If you’re looking for some Inspiration and a Reason to join us, have a read of our many Real Success Stories…


I had seen you all on anchorage playing field and for months I wanted to walk over but never had the courage. Stella used to say go over caz and I would reply they all look super fit and I bet there all in clicks, I wouldn’t fit in ( how very wrong I was) . I walked over the field on a chilly January Friday morning, it was Karen’s Fun Friday, I felt sick and nearly turned back, I’m so glad I didn’t, I loved it, everyone was fantastic and Karen was great.
I went from kaz Fun Friday to Dean’s hyper Wednesday. loved them. But then there was the running I struggle withcaz1 my legs a little so I hated the running, I couldn’t run. 
You were all doing the races and I would come and take photos. Kaz said to me, “you will be doing this next time caz” I said I’m happy taking the pics .
January this year was the turning point for me when Dean set the 30 days of real food challenge ,learning how to read food labels and getting in the kitchen making real food the weight started to come off. And the running started I’ve gone from can’t run to running in my first race the askern 10 k on the 20th of May, the feeling of what I had achieved when I went over the finishing line was fantastic . I could not have achieved all this without the amazing group of people that give you a little push when needed .
I’ve been part of real fitness now for three and a half years and never looked back, so here’s to the next three . Cheers Real Fitness



Read more of our Success Stories HERE

We’re incredibly proud of each and every one of our clients and their success stories and really appreciate their letting us share some of their before and after pictures with you. As terrified as some were at the prospect of sharing all with the world, they know that if seeing their success inspires just one other person to take action towards achieving their goals and better health then it’s definitely worth it!

Read On if you would like to attend sessions that are Friendly, Motivating, have a great support network away from sessions via your fellow fitness colleagues, coaches and social media.  Lots of socials to show off your efforts OH and nearly forgot of course you will Tone, Sculpt, Burn the Fat and eat away the Calories at each and every session. Our Workout Plans are focused on getting the Maximum in the Minimum of Time!..

We provide a wide, varied timetable, which includes Boxing, Circuits, Weights, Resistance Bands, Indoor and Outdoor sessions suitable for beginners to accomplished Athletes.  Run Groups for the Beginner and the Improver.  Specialist Sessions for Small groups. 1 day Bootcamps, 7 Day Fitness Holidays abroad and Weight Management. NEW to Real Fitness is our On-Line 6 Week HOME work out so nobody has to miss out.

Feel Free to have a look around the website where you will find the Time Table link, and all we have to offer as mentioned above.

Meet the Coaches and check out their Story and what makes them tick!

Sounds Great BUT How much is it?

Either way you have 8 sessions per week.

Do the Math and you will see a month’s pass saves you a hell of a lot of money!.

Even Better NO Contracts, NO standing Orders.

Hope to see you at a Real Fitness Workout Session soon.

Dean and Karen and the Real Fitness Team

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