30 day of Real Food Graduation



The Real Fitness 30 Day Challenge!

Wow what a journey we’ve all been on so far, Its been great to see the photos and recipe’s for Real Food

The Challenge was never a DIET, the focus was on Real Food made by you!

Along the way we’ve witnessed a revolution in how you all approach the food you eat, it’s been truly amazing watching YOU make big changes in such a short time, and having the confidence to make and cook real food.. The skills of cooking and baking have been lost.. food in frozen boxes and bags have taken over, Its time re-claim the kitchen!

Here’s a review of some food types and meal idea’s that seem to have got you interested..

  • Beetroot juice
  • Celeriac
  • Lots of varieties of flapjack (Amanda!)
  • Those small egg flans, with a mix of veg or meat
  • Soups (looking good Caroline)
  • Shredded cauliflower (as an alternative to rice, this sounds great Jackie!)
  • Nut butter
  • Lot of fresh spices & herbs etc that most people had never heard of before
  • Banana Breads
  • Green smoothies, thanks Ross!

You’ve all made and tweaked versions of meals, remember there’s no perfect recipe!

Simple advice

  • Make a shopping list and stick to it
  • Be Brave.. try new foods, new ingredients.
  • Ask anyone on the Real Food 30 Day challenge Facebook page for advice
  • Focus on nutritious veg, fruit and wholegrain products
  • Ignore the sales tactics in the supermarket!
  • Its NOT complicated.. Real Food is simple, e.g. an omelette.

Making fresh food from real raw ingredients will supply you body with essential vitamins, mineral and healthy fats that will give you more energy to move! Take pride in what you put into your body!


So its nearly time to reward the Graduates!

The first class of the 30 day Challenge are getting close to the end of term.. who will graduate with honours?

Bronze Graduate – 30 days Real Food

Silver Graduate – 60 days Real Food

Gold Graduate – 90 days Real Food

Professor of Real Food – 120 days of Real Food

To graduate you must regularly post photo’s of freshly made foods, supply recipe’s and support others in the group! It’s ok to have a bad day, learn from it (did you really enjoy it)

To improve how we can help you please lets us know how we can improve this challenge, eg another supermarket visit, cooking days etc

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