6 Week Summer Shape up! *WARNING IT START NOW!!*

Train Mean, Eat Clean.. Get Lean!

We all love a Challenge!.. So my challenge to YOU is Train mean, eat clean, get lean!


Train Mean..

You might think you work hard in Bootcamp, but I want more!!, after every Monday Wednesday and Friday sessions, there will be a 15 mins run attack workout! (I’ll post more details, Monday evening run attack will be 6.40pm straight after the bootcamp)

Commit to Get Fit!

Bronze Level12 bootcamps over the 6 weeks + 60miles Running

Silver Level18 bootcamps over the 6 weeks + 80miles Running

Gold Level – 24 Bootcamps over the 6 weeks + 100miles Running


Eat Clean

Get on the ’30-days Real Food’ Facebook page, share your food idea’s, discuss your food problems.. lets help each other!

But You’ve gotta commit to a minimum of 1 post per week.. this must be your version of a recipe with method/ingredients to cook and photos!

Bronze Level1 Post per week over the 6 weeks

Silver Level2 Posts per week over the 6 weeks

Gold Level – 4 Posts per week over the 6 weeks


If you Hit the Fitness and eat Real Food the weight loss will follow.. I’d like YOU to make your own targets as this is a very personal quest! But YOU must share your target, that way we can all encourage and drive you to your goal!



We’ll definitely need a night out to celebrate.. Suggestions Please!

On a Sunday or Saturday Post on facebook all your workouts and I will log it all on a spreadsheet and keep you all updated!!

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