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From Couch to Coach

Okay, truthfully finding this a little difficult, I ask myself why would anyone take Inspiration from me, and from reading my story would it encourage someone to take their first step into the scary unknown world of Fitness, (as I used to see it)

I have always felt Inspired by others who have shared their stories, knowing also that it wasn’t easy for them to share and extremely brave, but by doing so hoping they would encourage someone else to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle.

So, on that note I think it’s only right for me to share, as I am the one always telling you to keep going. I can hear myself saying often, don’t give in, it’s supposed to be hard, it’s never easy you just get better and so on..

How do I know? and what gives me the confidence to preach eh!baby pic

Went to School, left at 16 to go to Secretarial College in Leeds, sent on my placement on the YTS scheme and apparently I was good enough to stay, at this stage loved food and drink and always on the current “diet” never exercised. To the extent can honestly say hated the thought, never did PE at school, I sat and cried and never once attended sports day.

To cut a long story short, I had a couple of other jobs as a secretary and then came to Doncaster, where it all changed, became pregnant at 26 just moved and totally unexpected. The idea was travel to Leeds everyday and then become a full time mum!

Few years later, I started thinking about exercise, wanted to feel fit and look good so went to a few classes never stuck to them, just felt out of place.

Tried the home work out system…. 

That approach didn’t quite work for me either.

I then heard about a New Gym opening at Campsall, on the way to Nursery in walking distance, I had NO excuses. Well apart from dread at actually walking into a gym.

I borrowed some fitness clothes from a friend (gotta giggle looking back – looked a right state; they didn’t fit, feel or look right). However, went in booked an induction dreaded it but didn’t cancel and turned up. I did the right thing – this is where it all started, the gym really wasn’t for me but I didn’t know it then, I had a motivational instructor called Shaun who constantly mengood old daystored me to stay on the treadmill, push myself and not to give up. I was on another diet at the time stayed with this one for 18 years never clicked it wasn’t working, I was encouraged shall we say, to give up the diet club, which saved me quite a bit of money and train and eat well.

It took around a year to start actually enjoying exercise and want to go workout, got a little fed up with just the gym and my confidence was much better at this stage so when Shaun suggested Elaine’s aerobic and step classes, I joined – so nervous, what if I did it all wrong, what if everybody was fitter and all had up to date gear on and I didn’t fit it. No worries, nobody really cares too focused not to get it wrong themselves and genuinely hoping you enjoy it.

Loved it, went regularly then Elaine asked if I would like to join her on a run, just steady outdoors, I said no thanks

I’m not a runner she kept on at me, until I gave in, didn’t sleep that night was going to do the loop near home, just over a mile. I was sooo scared and nervous. I jogged a bit, rested a bit, walked a bit and so it went. Until the routes got longer the training tougher and then the words “lets enter you into a race” arghhhh. Norton 9 –yes 9 miles and not the easiest of routes, I trained for it alongside Sarah and Kelly and I completed it. 

norton 9WOW what a moment that was finishing my first Race.

So now I wasn’t allowed to say “I’m not a runner” as apparently once you have raced you become a Runner!.

Shaun dropped the bombshell he was leaving the gym to pastures new, great for him but what about me hehe. Very selfishly thinking I’m not sure I can do this fitness thing on my own. I saw the interviewee as I was leaving the gym and Rob the Manager at the gym introduced me to a Mr Dean Kirkham. Yes Dean took over the position and the rest is pretty much history. Let’s say I have been blessed with the BEST Fitness Coaches, who believed in me when I sure as hell didn’t. Dean owned his own Fitness Company called Real Fitness, I was curious to check it out..

First Real Fitness Session I ever went to I remember well, Saturday morning very early, running around with logs. No time for nerves, straight in with a great group of people surrounding you, the workout was Ace, Coaches motivated and supported you all the way and I loved it – I was hooked.

One Real Fitness session became 1 then 2 then 3 and so on. I entered more races, Dean encouraged me to take my level 2 Gym instructor course, which I did and I became a Real Fitness Coach, Dean has mentored me for the past 7 years and still is in the ways of the fitness world and all it entails, I’m sure I often hear him say I’m a joy to teach and soak the knowledge he imparts daily like a sponge;-D (Laughing whilst typing, as totally the opposite).

As a Real Fitness Coach I have been privileged to be part of many Fitness journeys and I can remember most of our clients first sessions, they’re the ones that Inspire me to be the best I can be and to help support and see them achieve their dreams and hit their goals is Priceless.

Here we are at the Norton 9 again with some of our Real Fitness Rainbow Runners this time. It was a great day with lots of PB’s.Norton 9 Team RF





My last race of 2015, Half Marathon

So that’s a little insight into my first steps into Fitness, it doesn’t get easier but yes you do get better, with the ripb halfght support and hard work, and you stick with it, it’s hell of a roller coaster of a ride but it’s definitely worth it. Join us and Start/Carry on enjoying the Journey and thank you for reading. X x

So I’ll be seeing you at the workouts at Sprotbrough, Cusworth or Scawthorpe.. plus you can join in online., We’ve created an amazing 6-week fitness & weight loss programme that you can complete at home, check it out here 

Karen Glynn

Real Fitness Coach

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