April 2018 – Power of the Group!

APRIL = Power of the Group

Transformation Challenge re-starts 9th April 2018

Run a Marathon, Learn to Swim, Climb a Mountain, Ride coast to coast, Lose weight and keep it off.., what is on your Bucket List!

Dream Big! What to do really want to achieve? Can you be Brave enough to tell others what that dream is?

Imagine if you had an army of supporters helping you through every step of that Journey.. a group of people that will turn your Dream into an achievable Goal.. then help you set a plan to ensure you are successful.

When I set a goal or target, it has to be something I truly believe in, a goal so strong that I can visualise it instantly.. then I set a plan, I review my progress and make adjustments along the way! It gives me purpose every day..

I will share my experiences and techniques to help YOU..

But Ultimately its a ‘Team Thing’ THE POWER OF THE GROUP

Who’s in?. CLICK HERE

Team Real Fitness

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