Planning Your Goals

OK the season has started but its only June! there’s still July, August, September & October for the UK triathlon and duathlon season. Has this year/season got a focus? do you have a plan? are you on target to hit your goals?

So.. what ‘s you target?

– sub 12hr Ironman

– GB age group qualification

– Hit a pb in 10k, marathon etc

When setting your goals/targets always ‘keep it Real’ a GOAL needs to be personal, tricoachingsomething that lights a fire inside YOU, when you have a that goal it’s easy to remind yourself why you are training at 5am! and when the going get tough YOUR goal will keep YOU going.. Try to focus on the strong internal motivations rather than the external (the ego of beating a friend or hitting a time is external, but continually focussing on your own progression through your training and knowing you’re doing for your own personal reasons will carry you forward to each workout)

Here’s a few pointer.

  1. Why is this your target.. (are you just following someone else’s goal?)
  2. What does you goal mean to you! (fund raising for a charity..something that means a lot to you)
  3. What will drive you to your goal when you lose faith after a bad training session or race
  4. What is your current level of fitness? (is it possible right now!)

With consistent training and sticking to a plan YOU can raise the bar!

Open water swimming ‘V’ Pool swimming

Open water swimming ‘V’ Pool swimming
Swim coaching
Swim coaching
Over the winter you I’m guessing you’ve improved you swim.. But is this new gained swim fitness & speed carried over into open water?
The pool and open water are very different – The reason is that pool swimming and open water swimming are two very different types of swimming and require two different skill sets very much like riding on a turbo trainer and riding outside differ greatly.

Pool swimming is a nice, perfectly controlled environment while open water is a constantly, changing and often scary place.

In the pool, it is easier to swim in a straight line by following the black line and the lane’s black “T” that tells you exactly when  to turn. In open water, however, all you have is darkness, and you have to sight often to stay on course.

The pool also does not have the current or movement that many open water venues have. All these factors can add time onto your open water swim and make it more difficult to go the same pace that you are accustomed to.
In the Pool however you can raise your fitness and speed with structures interval training, and with a coach watching you can get instant feedback on your stroke.. If you only swim in the open water then your speed may plateau  
Because they are so different, it is hard to compare the two, and sometime pointless to beat yourself up over not getting faster in open water when you have in the pool.
Find a balance!

Swim more outside., say at least once per week during the race season, but don’t give up on the Pool sets! Take time to put your wetsuit on properly, try to keep good form/stroke whilst sighting, the wetsuit will give you more buoyancy and help keep you hips and leg up.. but the arms still need to move (so ‘again’ make sure your wetsuit fits properly), still keep a pool swim in your weekly workouts to focus on adding speed and or work on drills to help your open water swimming

Super 6 – Challenge

SUPER 6 – Challenge.. 6 exercises, 1-minute on each, how many can YOU do?

hall of fame

The challenge will run for 4-weeks, level 1, 2 & 3 options available,

who will be the champion of each exercise?

who will improve the most?

what level will you go for?

First attempt was on Tuesday 6.45pm – Sprotbrough, next attempt for anyone will be Friday morning 9.30am Sprotbrough


The exercise are TOP SECRET! be brave give it a go!


Exercise 1, (S2B)

Andy F – 48, 58

Clody – 40

Kaz – 53, 53

Berni – 45, 36

Lou – 36, 39

Kirsten – 41

Alison – 18, 18

Mike – 39, 37

Vicky – 38, 34

Dawn – 45, 37

Jackie – 28, 23

Kirsty – 34, 33

Mel C – 42

Sarah – 45

Jo – 37

Rach Mac – 27

Dave – 51

Kate A – 33

Exercise 2 (BH)

Andy F – 103, 101

Clody – 18

Kaz – 107, 115

Berni – 96, 51

Lou – 100, 106

Kirsten – 79

Alison – 68, 81

Mike – 80, 84

Vicky – 69, 76

Dawn – 64, 91

Jackie – 68, 53

Kirsty – 72, 67

Mel C – 86

Sarah – 103

Jo – 73

Rach m – 67

Dave – 115

Kate A – 66

Exercise 3 (C)

Andy F – 39, 28

Clody – 24

Kaz – 42, 34

Berni – 35, 30

Lou – 39, 30

Kirsten – 40

Alison – 39, 20

Mike – 24, 24

Vicky – 40, 20

Dawn – 40, 18

Jackie – 36, 20

Kirsty – 34, 34

Mel C – 38

Sarah – 42

Jo – 30

Rach M – 22

Dave – 30

Kate – 35

Exercise 4 (P)

Andy F – 42, 23

Clody – 23

Kaz – 30, 33

Berni – 35, 29

Lou – 41 (L2), 26 full

Kirsten – 30

Alison – 40, 42 (L2)

Mike – 30, 31

Vicky – 30, 18 (L2)

Dawn – 41, 45 (L2)

Jackie – 18, 13

Kirsty – 32, 28 (L2)

Mel C – 42 (L2)

Sarah – 36 (L2)

Jo – 17

Rach M – 21

Kate – 20

Exercise 5 (B)

Andy F – 22, 34

Clody – 0

Kaz – 30, 50

Berni – 26, 51

Lou – 23, 37

Kirsten – 20

Alison – 16, 18

Mike – 20, 24

Vicky – 22, 18

Dawn – 19, 20

Jackie – 20, 36

Kirsty – 17, 28

Mel C – 22

Sarah – 30

Rach M – 30

Jo – 25

Kate – 32

Exercise 6 (RN)

Andy F – 11.44,

Clody – 11.44

Kaz – 8.02, 7.58

Berni – 7.09, 7.14

Lou – 8.59, 9mins

Kirsten – 8.29

Alison – 12.40, 12.35

Mike – 12.36, 12.25

Vicky – 9.15, 8.46

Dawn – 9.15, 10.06

Jackie – 11.40, 12.14

Kirsty – 9.50, 9.35

Mel C – 9.59

Sarah – 9.50

Jo – 8.58

Kate A – 9.18

Rach M – 10.45

Dave – 8.14


Racing versus Training for Best Performance!

Race – Training Balance

As an athlete ‘competing’ versus ‘training’ is a fine balance – get it wrong and your main races will be a disaster, get it right and you’ll be celebrating!, I see it with the guys I coach, some want to race all the time and others are very focussed on just one or two event during the season. There’s good and bad in both….

example 1 – This Athlete will race every other weekend chasing a pb’s, qualification to a age group GB team or simply trying win their category in a race!

The pro’s – You’re practising race nutrition, race mentality and will get some good results (and lots of race t-shirts!)

The con’s – You’ll miss a lot of days training due to recovery, tapering before each event, eventually your base fitness will drop and the risk of burn out and injury will be high.. and you’ll spend a lot of money!

example 2 – This Athlete will race once or twice a year, pinning their hopes on one great performance

The pro’s – You’ll build a great base level of fitness,!

The con’s – The constant training can become boring and you’ll loose focus, you may struggle with race day nerves!

This is just a quick snap shot of two athletes and there’s many more pro’s & cons.. lets focus on how to map out your race calendar!


Get a plan:-

Practice race mentality, this means controlling your adrenaline, nervous and fine tuning your nutrition.. but you don’t need to race every weekend! over a race season April to September, I’d pick 2 main races where I want to be in peak condition, then 3 to 4 races where I want to perform well at certain aspects of the event and 4-5 races where I’d class it as race/training. My 2 main races (A) with be 8-10 weeks apart, my (B) races will be 4-5 weeks before my ‘A’ races, and my ‘C’ races will scattered over the season

‘C’ races – local, 10ks & 1/2 marathons, cycling time-trails, pool sprint tri’s.. With these events I’d ride or run to the event, then hit the individal race hard!, testing my run legs, cycling power etc., then ride or run home. There’s no pressure here but I do get to practice a small part of race nutrition and race mentality, find out my race pace. I wouldn’t take rest days before these events.. my training would be the same upto and after the event

‘B’ race – regional events, for me it would be a 1/2 Ironman, standard distance duathlon or triathlon that is possible a British Champs or high profile event, something where I know the level of the competitors is high!, at these events I do get a bit nervous, I practice something new e.g. different energy drinks/gels on the bike leg, tweak my taper week, push harder on the bike or run flat out just to test the body (it doesn’t matter if I blow up/bonk/hit the wall etc.. what matters is how I deal with it), The week of these races I’d do a mini taper., less mileage, less strength.. keep to shorter sessions with a few speed intervals added

‘A’ races – Full distance Ironman Events, for this race to be a success I need my fitness, nutrition and mentality to be in top shape! everything I’ve learn’t from my ‘C’ and ‘B’ races comes together..the nerves and excitement do kick in a few days before so it’s important to relax my mind and be confident in the months of preparation I’ve committed myself to,. I’m not gonna get any fitter or faster with 10-7 days to go, but I can put my mindset into a positive place! This is a disciplined taper week/s and I’ll stick to a tried and tested pre-race nutrition and race nutrition

Dean, Real Fitness Triathlon Coach,, 07766 164 919








Triathlon recovery tips

Recover, refuel and review!

Some great racing at the weekend and excellent results.. The hard work is paying off?!

Its essential to Recover and learn from each race.. here’s a few tips that might help you.

1. Refuel and stretch, – Refuel with quality nutrition, its always tempting to down a few beers and scoff a burger, but plan ahead, the first few hour are essential, have a protein/recovery drink ready (a 50/50 mix of simple sugar carbs and protein is good) re-store the carbs in your body and supply some protein to aid the healing process in the muscle fibres, if there’s the offer of a free 10min leg massage then take it!. a couple of beers is fine but too much will wreck the recovery!

2. Review, – take time to look at your splits and compare to your predictions, make notes of what went well (and why) what can be improved on (how will you do that!), Did the race highlight some real weakness’s that need addressing so you don’t make the same mistakes again, if you’re self-coached or have a coach your own analysis of the race is very important to progress your training.

3. Plan, –  Make sure you plan for the next race, this will give your training more purpose and supply the motivation you need to get in the pool and work harder.

4. Kit, – Is it time upgrade your kit? add tri-bars to get more aero, invest in some recover compression kit,.. Don’t forget to clean your bike, wash out your wetsuit and air your trainers!

Training hard and consistently will bring rewards and success, it won’t happen over night, you’ve gotta keep reminding yourself why you started!





The POWER of the Tri Camp!

Mallorca Triathlon Training Camp 2015 Review

tricamp sand

Many thanks to all that attend our Training Camps this year.. WOW what a group of athletes, many have been on our camps before and have progressed to GB age group squads, some are now faster or stronger.. and to those that came on their first ever Triathlon Camp we witnessed a massive change in confidence and ability over the 7-days.. climbing a mountain for the first time, first ever sea swim or tackling a structure run programme to help with pace control!!

The power of the Group

swim group
A Group of like-minded people wanting to learn, train harder & longer.

Yes triathlon is an individual sport.. But when you train in a group you push harder, you’ll run when normally you’d take a rest!. The group will encourage and motivate YOU. Its not just the coaches who offer advice, many of our athletes have a vast knowledge of races and events that everyone benefited from

group run

Riding together, faster & longer

week one bikes ready

Always time for a Coffee & Cake, and a Beer!

Sampling Mallorca’s finest coffee & cake.. Who remember Petra Square (free oranges!). Tolo’s Cheesecake.. Well you’ve gotta re-fuel some where!

best coffee stop in petre

Awards and Party nights

Celebrate every success, reward yourself for all the hard work.. We always have an award night (every night!), But Thursday is the BIG one!

Winner Rob, week 1
Winner Rob, week 1
Winner! Annette
Winner! Annette
Winner Rich
Winner Rich
Its all about Pace!
Its all about Pace!
Looking good Del
Looking good Del

TEAM MALLORCA 2015…. 2016

This year we launched our NEW TRI KIT, voted the BEST on the Island.. (probably). So who will be joining us in 2016?? Who will be part of TEAM MALLORCA 2016??

Fine set of athletes
Fine set of athletes

Finally Thank you AGAIN!

It’s a pleasure to coach and motivate a group to achieve their goals, if you have any questions or need advice please do not hesitate to contact us via our facebook page

We are taking bookings NOW for 2016, £100 will secure your place at 2015 prices!, you can pick your apartment and let us know what week you want to come

week 1 – 2nd April to 9th April

Week 2 – 9th April to 16th April

See you there?

hairpin bens beautiful bay to bay walk to swim ruth n rich col

6 Week Summer Shape up! *WARNING IT START NOW!!*

Train Mean, Eat Clean.. Get Lean!

We all love a Challenge!.. So my challenge to YOU is Train mean, eat clean, get lean!


Train Mean..

You might think you work hard in Bootcamp, but I want more!!, after every Monday Wednesday and Friday sessions, there will be a 15 mins run attack workout! (I’ll post more details, Monday evening run attack will be 6.40pm straight after the bootcamp)

Commit to Get Fit!

Bronze Level12 bootcamps over the 6 weeks + 60miles Running

Silver Level18 bootcamps over the 6 weeks + 80miles Running

Gold Level – 24 Bootcamps over the 6 weeks + 100miles Running


Eat Clean

Get on the ’30-days Real Food’ Facebook page, share your food idea’s, discuss your food problems.. lets help each other!

But You’ve gotta commit to a minimum of 1 post per week.. this must be your version of a recipe with method/ingredients to cook and photos!

Bronze Level1 Post per week over the 6 weeks

Silver Level2 Posts per week over the 6 weeks

Gold Level – 4 Posts per week over the 6 weeks


If you Hit the Fitness and eat Real Food the weight loss will follow.. I’d like YOU to make your own targets as this is a very personal quest! But YOU must share your target, that way we can all encourage and drive you to your goal!



We’ll definitely need a night out to celebrate.. Suggestions Please!

On a Sunday or Saturday Post on facebook all your workouts and I will log it all on a spreadsheet and keep you all updated!!

Real Fitness Social Runs

The Real Fitness Social Runs

Lots of time for chit chat!
Lots of time for chit chat!

Just a quick post to remind everyone about the Social Runs that are organised by the Real Fitness runners..

What I like about these runs are the way you all look after each other and encourage all abilities to join in, over the last few weeks I’ve seen 13mile runs and 2mile runs. No one get left behind!

sometimes they get lost!
sometimes they get lost!

There’s no set time or day.. anyone can make a suggestion on the Real Fitness running group ‘Facebook’

There's even a mystery tour with Kirsty & Claire
There’s even a mystery tour with Kirsty & Claire

Most people think they can’t run or don’t have the confidence to try, but when they Run with the Social Group it becomes so much easier!

From non-runner to race completer!
From non-runner to race completer!

Well done and THANK YOU to the organisers of the Social Runs!

socail run2 social run3 RUNNER3 fred bear run BERNI RUN runner

Keep running, continue supporting each other and achieve your GOALS!

Have you graduated from the first 30-day Real Food Challenge?

30 days of Real Food
30 days of Real Food


So nearly 30-days ago we set ourselves a challenge.. to go 30 days eating REAL FOOD!

There were a simple set of rules.. Basically making your own food from real ingredients, sharing photos, tips and supporting everyone on the journey

My target was to see how many of you would get back into the kitchen and make meals from scratch, go shopping for real ingredients…. and hopefully along the way become healthier, have more energy and enjoy ‘Real Food’


There’s been some real stars of the group, some for being brave and trying new ingredients and lots simply getting knee deep in bread mixtures, smoothies and flapjacks.. it been fantastic to watch the 30 days unfold on the Facebook page.

Anyway.. On to the Graduation!


if your name is down you’ve Graduated (in no particular order!)

  1. Amanda Woodley
  2. Kerry Davies
  3. Allison Smith
  4. Liz Lee
  5. Kirsty Werritt
  6. Claire Day
  7. Caroline Hague (and Stella!)
  8. Sarah Cooney
  9. Sarah Moses
  10. Kirsten Pollitt
  11. Louise Gwennette
  12. Berni’
  13. Kaz’
  14. Judy Pearce
  15. Jackie Feeley
  16. Delia Wright
  17. Mel Broadhurst
  18. Jane Maxfield
  19. Deb Kirkham
  20. Alison Jackson
  21. Jo Wilson
  22. Me!

Congratulations to you all.. Who’s up for round 2? Starts this Wednesday .. If you’ve completed 30-days then you’re onto the 60-day challenge!…. anyone new can start 30-days!

I know you’ll have the odd bad day and or eat something that’s not Real Food.. But we’re human it ok! Just don’t let it happen too often eh!

dont give up

30 day of Real Food Graduation



The Real Fitness 30 Day Challenge!

Wow what a journey we’ve all been on so far, Its been great to see the photos and recipe’s for Real Food

The Challenge was never a DIET, the focus was on Real Food made by you!

Along the way we’ve witnessed a revolution in how you all approach the food you eat, it’s been truly amazing watching YOU make big changes in such a short time, and having the confidence to make and cook real food.. The skills of cooking and baking have been lost.. food in frozen boxes and bags have taken over, Its time re-claim the kitchen!

Here’s a review of some food types and meal idea’s that seem to have got you interested..

  • Beetroot juice
  • Celeriac
  • Lots of varieties of flapjack (Amanda!)
  • Those small egg flans, with a mix of veg or meat
  • Soups (looking good Caroline)
  • Shredded cauliflower (as an alternative to rice, this sounds great Jackie!)
  • Nut butter
  • Lot of fresh spices & herbs etc that most people had never heard of before
  • Banana Breads
  • Green smoothies, thanks Ross!

You’ve all made and tweaked versions of meals, remember there’s no perfect recipe!

Simple advice

  • Make a shopping list and stick to it
  • Be Brave.. try new foods, new ingredients.
  • Ask anyone on the Real Food 30 Day challenge Facebook page for advice
  • Focus on nutritious veg, fruit and wholegrain products
  • Ignore the sales tactics in the supermarket!
  • Its NOT complicated.. Real Food is simple, e.g. an omelette.

Making fresh food from real raw ingredients will supply you body with essential vitamins, mineral and healthy fats that will give you more energy to move! Take pride in what you put into your body!


So its nearly time to reward the Graduates!

The first class of the 30 day Challenge are getting close to the end of term.. who will graduate with honours?

Bronze Graduate – 30 days Real Food

Silver Graduate – 60 days Real Food

Gold Graduate – 90 days Real Food

Professor of Real Food – 120 days of Real Food

To graduate you must regularly post photo’s of freshly made foods, supply recipe’s and support others in the group! It’s ok to have a bad day, learn from it (did you really enjoy it)

To improve how we can help you please lets us know how we can improve this challenge, eg another supermarket visit, cooking days etc