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Real Fitness Points System

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real-fitness-logo-white-no-strapline-2.jpgWhat do the points mean?

The Real Fitness Point System is a simple but effective way of monitoring your daily and weekly commitment to being healthy. If you stick to the system and aim for that MAGIC NUMBER 20 each day you will be well on your way to losing weight and building a toned & healthy physique. It looks complicated, but its not.

Below is a guide to your Real Fitness Points System.

In order to get the most from the system, it is to be completed over 7 days. The guide is designed to assess your own exercise, recovery and nutritional achievements.

The daily total and then your weekly total will tell you whether you are paying close enough attention to your physical requirements for exercise, recovery and nutrition:

  • 17-20 daily points is optimal
  • 15-16 points is good but shows room for improvement
  • 14 or fewer points means you need to evaluate your exercise, recovery and nutritional behaviours

 food tape

Exercise, Recovery and Nutrition Points

Wholegrain, real cereals are good, such as oats (but not the cereals with the green banner that claim to be good for you)

Eggs are good, try 2 with 1 slice wholegrain bread

Cereal bars, pop tarts, cereal biscuits, shakes etc are a NO NO!

Lunch (within 3 to 4hrs of breakfast)

Prepare for the working week, you need an even mix of healthy protein (this can be meat/fish etc) and quality carbs (wholegrain rice, jacket spud, sweet potato’s) lots of fresh leafy salads

Maybe the odd day prepare a fresh veggie smoothie

Dinner (within 4hrs of lunch)

Go for a coulourful mix of vegetable, steamed is the best, but roasted or microwaved is ok!

If you want spag bol or chilli.. try to supplement the pile of rice with vegatables, I like cauliflower!

Fresh fish with all its healthy oils and fats are great!

Mid morning/afternoon snack

Ok after about 2hrs of breakfast or lunch.. try a green apple, or handful of nuts and dried fruit (don’t take the whole bags to work as you’ll probably scoff the lot!)

Eating within 60 minutes of exercise 1

Potential total score from nutrition


Consume a glass of water before each meal!


Potential total score from hydration


Potential total score for Sleep and Rest

8 hours of restful sleep

Full body exercise workout 40mins (i.e. boot camp) 3
Cardio at full conversation pace 60mins (i.e. steady jog) 1
Walking the dog 30mins x 2 ½
Walking more each day! Not using lifts, parking car further away from work, ½

Potential total score for exercise

Totals 20

So your weekly totals need to be around:
119-140 weekly points is optimal
105-112 points is good but shows room for improvement
98 or fewer means you need to evaluate your exercise, recovery and nutritional behaviours.

view our weekly Time Table

For more help and advice and to register for our Weight Loss Point system meetings –

email or text 0776 6164 919

healthy tips

 Tips and advice, really focus on limiting your added sugars.. this is hidden in all diet yoghurt’s, fruit drinks, granola, white pasta, pastries, rice is high in refined sugar (try to use wholegrain and less of it!) anything that claims to low in fat will generally be very high in sugars

Fats aren’t all bad, fish oils, dairy fats and some meat fats have excellent nutrition value good for helping the body regenerate healthy cells, i.e. good for skin, hair, nails and can actually contribute weight loss!

Final piece of advice.. the weekly treat needs to be a MONTHLY treat.. banish the KFC, McD’s throughout January.., make your own pizzas, curries etc

We now live in a unhealthy environment (takeaway shops have taken over!, supermarkets always advertise and heavily discount the crappy foods.. its down to you to make healthy choices.. use the Real Fitness Facebook page to share idea’s and support each other

a simple food pyramid can help!
a simple food pyramid can help!

Ironman World Champs KONA 2014

IM KONA 2014

This is the BIG one! Kona, Ironaman World Championships..

I’d read about it, watched it, Dreamed it…. Now I was in it!.

Before I get onto the nitty gritty of the race let me first tell you how well this race is ‘run’ like ‘precision’ I can honestly say we were treated like Royalty.. There were 5000+ volunteers which equals more than 2 per athlete, from the get go the support team & volunteers made sure you were well looked after, right from registration there was someone chaperoning you and helping in anyway possible. When it came to bike racking and bag drop off a member of the support team guided you through the whole process (one 2 one service), they’d walk you through the swim exit, changing tent, finding your bike etc etc and they carried your bags!! After the race there were TWO volunteers to carry you to the athlete village and provide drinks, food, towels and anything you might need.. Real Royalty treatment.

swim start im

So the swim.. simple really! 1.2miles swim out into the ocean, turn around the boats and swim back 1.2miles! the only problem is there’s 1,200 crazy athletes pumped up to to thrash themselves around the course with you! The start was signalled with a cannon fire ‘BOOM’!

swim cannon

The first 400/500mtrs were chaos, arms flying, legs kicks and the water turned pure white! But I loved it.. I settled into the swim and focussed on keeping calm and relaxed. It did seem to take forever to get to the turn around and when we did the water felt rougher and the current was pulling you around, I was definately tiring on the last 400mtrs, the finish for the swim couldn’t come soon enough for me

2 nuun tabs on the bike and 2 nuun tabs on the run = NO CRAMPS!

With a clean transition I was soon on my bike and ready to push the pedals.. I couldn’t wait to ride the Queen K Highway a famous road through the heat of the lava fields. For about the first 30miles I was averaging 24mph+ but then the infamous trade winds kicked in and the climb the Hawi, this is a long gradual climb but with a 50mph head and cross wind! my  speed was now showing 10mph at times and less! But I was overtaking loads of athletes who were finding it tougher, this section certainly broke away the drafters (Drafting!! yep it was happening but there were lots of referee’s giving out penalties and the it was pleasing to see the penatly tents full). So the climb takes you to Hawi, this is the turn around point. The drop from Hawi is FAST and dangerous, some athletes struggled with the crosswinds, there was no way I was gonna slow down after the tough climb, I wanted to claw some time back!.. I passed loads downhill my top speed must of been 45mph+ at least! The speedy downhill section didn’t last long though and the crosswinds and head winds on the flat sections soon slowed you down again. I remember looking at my garmin at about the 70 mile point and thinking WOW I’m hot, my feet are burning, my heading is pounding and I’ve still got 42miles to go!


70 miles in and the race was truly beginning.. It’s important to keep to the plan, Hydration, Nutrition and Motivation! Yep all still working ok, I went through in total 8 500ml bottles on the bike course, at least 10 bottles of water were thrown over my head & body in an attempt to stay cool. I consumed, two snickers (melted!) a bar, two gels, 3 nuun tabs, 2 bonk bars and 2 banana’s!

finisherpix_0813_053951 exocet 2

Good news I wasn’t slowing down or feeling ill, in fact I felt I was just getting into my rhythm! before I knew it I was near the airport, only 5/6 miles to go! this is time to take stock.. go through the next section in your head and remind yourself of the survival plan for the run sections coming up!

Boom! me and the Planet X were back in transition zone, I hoped off the bike and quickly changed! and ready to run., No! I’d lost my race number! the volunteers tried to sort a new one but in the end they said just run it’s ok (I only probably lost 2mins at most, but as most triathletes will tell you it felt like an hour!)

Just crack on with the run, my time to ‘take it home’! I was looking forward to Alii Drive and following in the footsteps of the Greats! But the heat and the humidity was crazy! There was no way I was gonna let the elements play with my mind! I had a plan.. stick to it! (I’d decided to use my fuel belt with 2 nuun tabs.. couldn’t afford to let my salts drop in these conditions)

I used GoRun Speed2, light, stable & fast!
I used GoRun Speed2, light, stable & fast!

The aid stations were brilliant, water, energy drinks, gels, snacks, coke, ice, cold sponges and even chicken soup in the last 1/2 of the run!

This was pretty much my routine through the aid stations:- 2 cold sponges stuffed down my tri top, 2 waters – drink one, throw one over the head, 1 energy drink, 1 gel, 2 cups of ice (thrown down my shorts, and down my top).. and finally 2 more waters to throw over the body! and sip my double strength nuun drink every 30mins

The crowds on Alii Drive were amazing and motivating but I was feeling slow, but the Garmin was telling me ‘OK’ on target! and no one was running past me, so just keep going!


Onto Palani! another famous road in Kona.. uphill, Bloody hell this 5omtr section was a killer, most were walking.. Then onto the Queen K Highway again, one long road, I’d got about 16miles still to go and I was still feeling good, ! In fact it wasn’t until mile 22 when I began to suffer! Talk about Talk to yourself! I was having a right old rant to myself.. Come on Hold it together!, just keep moving the legs! the final 2-3 miles to go I could see I wasn’t on my own in the suffer world, it was carnage! people pulling up with cramp, stopping & sitting down, throwing up etc..


Talking to yourself works! well it did for me! and with 1 mile to go I was back in the race, back on Palani (downhill) the crowds here were absolutely amazing, typical USA style motivation ‘wow man you’re looking awesome’! ‘hey go get that finish line’ it made me smile and pick up the pace, then onto the final 400mtrs I turned back onto Alii drive and soaked up the atmosphere ‘high 5’s all round’ but still time to chase down 2 athletes in front on me! I sprinted the last 100mtrs (not like me at all) and jumped through the finish line ‘COME ON’! 9hr 49mins the toughest, hottest race day I’ve been in!


Kona is the place to be if you’re a triathlete, it’s a beautiful (and moody at times) Island, with amazing views & beaches.. This was my once in a lifetime race and it DID live up to my expectations, my dream race, my best race ever (so far) and at the Worlds best triathlon event with Best of the Best from around the World,…. I’ll be back!

 Huge thanks to my supporters and Sponsors, Ironman racing is made much easier with these guys!



I used GoRun Speed2, light, stable & fast!
I used GoRun Speed2, light, stable & fast!


jackoat bar

Final thanks to my wife Deb! fully supporting me again!, putting up with my training moods swings, my intense obsession for anything I do! Yes you need a bit of talent and lots of drive, determination and perseverance, But if there isn’t that ONE person by your side throughout the good and bad times of racing then you’ll never get to KONA!

What a race eh Deb! Love you loads xxxx


Challenge UK Weymouth – Half Ironman



So my last event before the Ironman World Champs at KONA!, A 6hr drive to take part in the new Challenge UK Weymouth, I’d switch to the half Ironman distance as Kona is only 4 weeks away. Weymouth is a very cool place and the course looked great.. But Sunday morning things were different… there was a huge swell in the bay and the swim start was delayed by nearly an hour so the organisers could adjust the swim course.. now you can either panic about nutrition and hydration etc or simply accept it and relax! so I put me feet up and relaxed!

My swim start came, the swell was still big and you could see the first wave swimming all over the place (this was gonna be fun) I’m not the fastest of swimmers but I don’t mind large waves and chaos in the water.. it seemed to take age to get to first buoy but as soon as you turned to head back to shore you could feel the current pushing you back and in no time I was back on the beach and getting ready for lap 2


Planet X Bike leg.. 56miles on an undulating course (definitely not flat 3,381ft), but potentially fast, I rode the first 12 tough, then settled into a rhythm for 20mile then picked the pace up towards the finish, the final 10miles were flat & fast.. perfect for the Planet X Exocet2! Bike Done 2hrs 32mins


The Run – 13.1miles, The plan was to run hard from the beginning and then hold on to the finish, the course was 2 1/2 laps along the beach front of Weymouth, the weather was great and the route was plan flat! and the nutrition stations had everything you’d need to stay hydrated & fuelled.. Run Done 1hr 22mins

Overall Finish 7th!, not bad considering I’d not rested and stuck to my normal training plan this week

jackoat bar

So what worked well! the Planet X exocet 2 work well and is definitely suited to a flat bike course (I’ll use this at Kona), I was using jackoat bars for an extra carb boost on the bike, easy to eat/digest and tasted great. I ran in Skechers Go Speed, these are light but very stable.

Definitely a focus for going long is not just carb loading but loading sodium, potassium & magnesium (I use nuun tabs for pre race and during the race), and getting your tapering spot on! I’m planning on dropping my milage over a 2 week period but maintaining race pace speed but keeping the load light! Roll on KONA Hawaii October 11th 2014!


Ironman UK 2014.. chasing KONA!

My ‘A’ Race for the Year! Target to qualify for KONA!

So my training had been consistent and the stats were good.. but putting it all together to race for 10+hrs is discipline you’ve gotta master! Carful carb loading, hydration, sodium/electrolytes (I loaded with nuun hydration) , muscle recovery, mind setting etc etc this part is just as tough as the training!

Race day – I’d slept well, slightly nervous but that’s good.. scoffed down a small bowl of porridge, 1/2 bagel with jam/peanut butter and a banana, drank some water and slipped on an energy drink

lets get on with it!

The swim – its starts at 6am.. so I like to put my wetsuit on 30mins before to give me time to adjust the sleeves and makes sure it fitted in the right places, 5.50am get into the water, loosen off (thanks to Panda swim coaching for the wetsuit and support!) with 2000 competitors all setting off at the same time this could be carnage.. its important to stay calm & don’t fight against the other swimmers (these swim starts can be mass brawl) I picked a spot, I could see the first line of buoys.. I heard the 20 seconds warning… COME ON!

It was on, like a said the mass swim start can be crazy and it can screw your race plan, this wasn’t gonna happen to me ‘I was in the ZONE’. I swam the first lap without incident, I was calm and in control, before you start the second lap you run out the water though a corridoor of screaming supporters, this really drove me onto the 2nd lap.. again no problems., when you’re on the last section of the swim I like to go through T1 process and remind myself where my bike change bag is, what I’ll put on first, where my bike is racked and what nutrition I’ll take! BOOM I was out the water 1hr 10mins, slower than expected, but I felt great (don’t panic or fret if something has gone to plan, there could be a good reason! as it was I later found out the swim course was longer and everyones times were slower)

T1 – I’m usually pretty good at this stuff.. 3mins DONE and out on the bike

The bike sections – NEWish course, lots of turns, lots of little climbs and 2 larger climbs, crap road surface and a bit wet! I knew this would be a challenging course and some athletes would destroy their race on this course, not me, I knew I needed to play the long game, this course will sap the calories and motivation if you go above the ‘redline’, my plan was hit the first 20miles at a strong pace, then play safe until 80miles then ride home strong and pumped for the RUN!.. And that’s pretty much what happened – about 5 guys passed me at 50miles but I shot past them at 90miles.. everything was going to plan, no punctures no crashes.. T2 was looming and I felt great! bike section done in 5hrs 37mins.. not a pb or fast but a strong well paced ride on a tough course., not a problem for the Planet x  Stealth Pro Carbon

2nd time up ‘HUNTERS’ need more gears!

T2 – again no time wasted and out on the marathon RUN

The Run – slight change again due to bike course changes.. after about 200 metres you’re running UPHILL! But my leg want to play today so ‘lets do this shit’ I remember looking at my garmin for the first 2-3miles and seeing sub 7min mile pace, was I going too quick too soon? Nah! as long as kept consuming sugar/salt and water my body would hold up.. The RUN section was amazing, the support from the crowds, the aid station support crew, everything about the run was going good, It’s certainly not an easy run, some sharp up hill sections, long drags uphill but also long drags going down! the town centre atmosphere was awesome.. not just because of the crowds and seeing my mates Clarky, Dobbers, Em and Claire BUT seeing my wife Deb who puts up with me everyday (always wanting to do more training, buy more triathlon crap.. she puts up with my moods, the highs and lows.. this run section was to show her I could do it – CHASE KONA!) Ironman marathons are normally broken down into 3 or 4 loops, after each loop you collect a band when you have the last band ‘RED’ you can run HOME!, collecting the red band is like collecting a superhuman power, you feel great again and I picked up the pace and ran harder! so with 3miles to go I knew I was ONIT.. I’d gone through about 8-10 gels, 10 cups of coke, 20 cups of water and about 20 pritzels! the legs were still strong and I’d over taken at least 25 athletes, the skecher Go Speed shoes were awesome, light.. and no blisters! and thanks to nuun hydration, I didn’t suffer with cramps or dehydration (I’d loaded with electrolytes for 5 days and downed 3 tabs in 1 litre of water the day before.. It worked!

run kona

BOOM the finish – lap it up! Marathon completed in 3hr 22mins…. I’d ran my way to KONA!



Had to wait until 10am Monday morning for the results to be confirmed! once that happened I let everyone know.. KONA BABY!!

Yellow highlighted name - YOU'RE IN!
Yellow highlighted name – YOU’RE IN!

Big thanks as always to Planet X Bikes, Skechers GoRun, nuun and PANDA wetsuits for their ongoing support and help



sketchersreal-fitness-logo-white-no-strapline- vista


Ready for Race Season

mallorca bike1

April was a mad month 3 weeks on the road, coaching, training and racing.., I’ve now finally recovered and feeling Fresh from delivering Triathlon Camps in Mallorca with Steve Clark from OffThatCouchFitness

The Mallorca Triathlon Camps were another huge success and we’ll definately be back in 2015 (book soon if you’re interested – Real Fitness & OffThatCoachFitness), The weather is great, the location is perfect for Triathlon training and the Coaching crew and support team will help you through every session.

swim mallorca

Scunthorpe Duathlon Race League

Now I remember when this was a small mid-week event run every 2 weeks throughout Summer.. Not anymore, this event now attacts upto and over 90 athletes, its classed as ‘training’ Yeah Right! everyone is on there race bikes, race kit, race shades! This week it was a 1mile run, 11mile bike then a 1mile run to finish, the first 1mile run is a real battle of wills, race fast or race smart.. I raced smart on the first run (which really means I’m a bit older and can run as fast!) I raced fast on the bike and hung on for the last 1mile run.. and won!

Scunthorpe Half Marathon

It was like a training camp reunion, everyone was keen to race hard and chase a PB, the course is flat (which doesn’t mean easy!) it starts and finishes at the Scunthorpe United Football ground. My original plan was to go easy and stick to my training plan but with so many competitors around it was hard not to pick the pace up & race hard! The first mile was 5min 28secs.. oh well lets go with it! I felt great to about mile 10, then the muscle cramps started to tweak a little, not a lot you can do at this point other than ease off and let the hamstrings recover for a few mins.. its tempting to throw in a gel but with only 3miles to go the positive effect woulkd be minimal, just take on water and glide the legs.. before I knew it the last mile marker was in sight and with that I felt great again (positive mind switch!) I finished in 1hr 17min 51secs and took 3rd in the VET category! don’t know why.. I’m only 20!

PB’s all round for the Lincsquad Triathlon Team

Triathlon Coaching Team leading the way!
Triathlon Coaching Team leading the way!
1hr 17mins for me.
15th overall – 1hr 17mins

Next stop BEAVER middle distance, GRANTHAM sprint, SCUNNY duathlon, and lots of training!

Get in touch if you need any help or support

Thanks as always to my Sponsors 

Don’t Die’t


The term diet should refer to your regular eating plan that included lots of real food, such as whole grains, lean meats, dairy products (including full fat!) vegetables (and yes potatoes are actually ok, when there not fried!) and not forgetting healthy fats and oils from nuts, seeds, olive oil  etc. Ultimately the focus is on Nutritional Value rather than calories, highly Nutritional food will keep you feeling fuller for longer and will grow a healthy calorie burning body


But a Die’t these days usually means this:-

Sugar for Breakfast!


Salt for lunch!


A Chemistry set Drink!



The one thing these all have in common is they have zero Nutrition value, even the porridge oats in the ‘oat so simple’ are out weighed by additives and chemicals. These products with destroy healthy lean muscle tissue which in term promote weight gain! Plus you’ll have no energy exercise!


likewise don’t be swayed by the ‘Meal in a Shake’ weight loss drinks

These claims to be packed full of nutrition. 

Wrong.. Real Food has the complete nutrition your body needs, real food sits in your gut longer ensuring all the necessary nutrients are absorbed. A shake passes through your gut at a much faster rate, meaning although it may contain all the nutrients it claims it does your body doesn’t have time to absorb them. 

Simple answer is eat Real Food for real nutrition, or if you really want then drink the shakes and starve your body as well as feel starved.

A Real Diet give you Energy, it keeps your skin & hair looking good, it tastes great, full of colour and most importantly it will release hormones in the body sending a signal to the brain to tell you that you are FULL.. Leading to a controlled Diet!

Full weight management assessments available – – 07766164919

Final Race of 2013

Last Race Post of 2013!

After a long season of Ironman’s and Long Distance racing I decided to put some speed back in the legs throughout December and hit a few 10k’s and progress to 1/2 marathons by Feb/March 2014..  This will certainly add some strength and power for the longer (lower intensity) rides & runs! 

The ride over was a bit cold!

The triathlon and Duathlon races may of finished but that doesn’t stop you creating your own events..  Throughout the winter I like to target at least one run event each month and turn it into a duathlon (Ride to the Event, Run Hard, Ride Home!) after all if you want your best splits to be in your main races for 2014 then put yourself in a position to test yourself more often, fuel up on the ride there, then run the event hard then ride home as fast as possible.. once a month won’t hurt and winter can be a long time without racing!

Final race of 2014 – Barnsley Ward Green 6 (10k), It’s not a flat course!

The race is about 15-16miles away from where I live, not to far but enough to get the legs spinning on the trusty Planet X Pro Carbon and get the legs into race mode. I arrived about 25mins before the start, just enough time to get changed and get my running legs going, I’m now running in skechers performance shoes and today would be a good day to try the GoRun Speed! As usual everyone is nervously running around and warming up, but when you’ve rode over it kinda takes the edge off the nerves.., if I have a bad run I can blame it on the ride over! No Pressure!

So the course.. It’s hilly, 2 laps, no problems I’m calm and its just a training session (yeah whatever!). The gun goes and its a frantic pace straight away and after a few minutes it get faster! downhill section, just relax and let the legs go (it was a long sharp downhill section) the flat section was great to get a proper rhythm going again But that didn’t last that long…. The Uphill section was tough and the field broke almost immediately, loud breathing and short quick steps! At the top of the climb (and the half-way point I was in 5th, 1 more lap to go and I felt strong but the guys in front were stronger and showing no signs of weakening!, so the target was to hold the pace and tempo.. 10k’s hurt its all about suffering, holding good form and making good decisions when you’re tired, the last hill was torture. Its always great when you finally cross the line knowing you put it all in.

Finish Time
33mins 32secs,
cat winner
5th overall


Tips for 2014

1. The winter months are a great time to try out a few new training techniques and nutrition!

2. Everyone hurts and suffers, focus on your own strength, remind yourself about the hard winter sessions you’ve completed, the person in front wants you to quit, the person behind wants you to quit

3. If you want to go Faster on the swim, bike or run section then ask yourself ‘what are you gonna do about it’?.. who or what can help you! a new training programme, a new coach or new kit!?

4. Don’t over complicate things, my training is simply progression! add speed, distance, intensity in small amounts in the lead up to the race season.

If you’re after a new bike or training kit use this 10% discount of anything at –  UKDKIRKHAM

Thanks skechers – These are great racing shoes!


Lose the Booze & Shape up! – The Truth!

One More Blow out on New Years Eve! Then you’ll cut back on the Beers?

It’s no wonder why our nation has more of a barrel for a gut than a six-pack.


How Alcohol Makes You Fat:- Here’s the Scientific info!

-Alcohol first passes through the esophagus as it travels to your stomach.

-From there, 20% of the alcohol is absorbed immediately by your bloodstream.

-The remaining alcohol travels to your intestines and is absorbed from there.

-The alcohol in your bloodstream then travels directly to your liver. It is here that
the body breaks the alcohol down, something that is absolutely essential since
alcohol is toxic to the body.

-Alcohol brakes down into acetate and acetaldehyde which IMMEDIATELY
signals to your body to stop burning fat. Even worse, another waste product of
alcohol, acetyl CoA, actually starts to make more body fat.

If you booze, you WON’T lose fat!

What Does this Mean?

-Your body can only effectively process 0.5 to 1 ounce of alcohol per hour

-How much damage? A 12-ounce beer contains about 0.6 ounces of alcohol. If
you consumed 5 of these, your body would be inhibited from fat burning for up to
6 hours. This is aside from the fact that your body will actually be storing fat
during these 6 hours! The more you drink, the longer your body is inhibited from
burning fat in addition to a greater fat build up from excess acetyl CoA. As you
can see, one day of binge drinking can set you back days if not a full week when
it comes to fat loss!

-What’s the worst-case scenario? Mixing alcohol with sugary beverages
promotes even further fat gain due to the resulting insulin surge that triggers fat
storage (e.g. regular beer or cocktails mixed with fizzy drinks and/or fruit juice)


The Bottom Line

If you want to be lean, you must minimize ALCOHOL consumption!


If you must drink:

a.) Choose wine or spirt and “light” beers (coors light, michelob ultra are much lower in sugary carbs)

b.) Limit alcohol consumption to 1-2 days per week with a 1-2 drink per day max

c) Alcohol is a drug, have little & not so often


  All January Month Pass Holders can receive a Free Weekly Weigh in and advice (every Tuesday & Thursday Evening!)

Althorpe Duathlon – Dean Kirkham

Althorp Duathlon Race at Northampton!

Its all legs!! no swim.. Duathlons hurt, 10k run followed by 40k bike finshed with a 5k run!

The run course was more cross country and trails, only a small section on road.. So Trail shoes it was ‘Skechers Trail Go Bionic’. The 10k was 2 5k laps as usual it was a chaotic start but at the beginning of lap 2 it was just me and another guy in the lead, we ran in T1 transition seconds apart but my super quick transition took me out on the bike first.

The bike leg started uphill only 200metres or so.. the roads were wet with lots of pot holes after the first climb I threw in some nutrtion High5 Iso Gel and then some High5 EnergySource X’treme (caffine!) Gotta have caffeine on these races!

With in 5k I’d been overtaken by the guy who I ran in with (after a long season of Ironman and Half Ironman races I knew my top end speed wasn’t quiet there so I kept to the same intencity and pace)

 I knew if I continued to fuel I’d maintain my speed and keep him in sight there’d be a good chance I’d catch him again on the run!

The last 5k of the bike I could feel myself slowing but I was still in 2nd!

Back to Transition still in 2nd but not feeling great…. Bike racked Skecher Trail shoes on and downed another High5 iso gel – This next 5k run was gonna hurt!

Thankfully my energy kicked in again and the choice of some light weight trail shoes on a tough course kept me going and I Finish 2nd.. Not bad for an Ironman distance racer!

This Autumn and Winter I’ll be hitting the 10k races, ½ marathon and off road races hard putting some sharpness and speed back into these legs




Good Nutrition and quality footwear essential for Multi Sport Events




Well Done to Scott and Dave – their first attempt at a duathlon (and a tough one it was!)

maybe part of the RealFitness RaceTeam next year with and @triathlondeano

Thanks to Skecher Performance Perfomance Trail Shoes and High5 Energy

Muller yoghurts or Natural Yoghurts


Natural yoghurt have 1 ingredient Milk, The milk is firstly heat treated, homogenised and is then cooled to allow the addition of bacteria or starter culture (NATURALLY, NOTHING ADDED!). then ferment the milk sugar (lactose), producing lactic acid. The milk proteins then coagulate and set, to form yogurt. SIMPLE, no added suagr, natural fats and good bacteria

150g Yeo Valley pot – 124 cals, 11g carbs of suagr (2tsps of natural lactose sugar that the body can use for energy!) and 6g of naturally occurring fat! Great for a healthy body


Muller Lights have 14 ingredients mainly fake sugar, and ingredient that glue the other ingredients together Yogurt, Strawberries (8%), Water, Fructose, Modified Maize Starch, Gelatine, Flavourings, Citric Acid, Stabiliser: Pectins; Sweetener: Aspartame; Beetroot Juice Concentrate.

120g Muller Light Greek style sublime strawberry! – 86cals, 11g of fructose sugar (man-made, the body likes to store this as fat!) Fat 0.2g so they’ve take the best and healthiest bit out!


The natural yoghurt will help you maintain a healthy diet and reduce sugar cravings, the Muller versions will leave you craving sugar (due to the fake sugar content!)


As for the Regular Muller Corner Yogurts…. Just don’t eat them over 3 heaped tsps in those bad boys – no wonder the kids love them! (25 ingredients!!)