Triathlon 2013 race season

Dean Kirkham – Triathlon Race Season 2013


Dean Kirkham Age Group Triathlete/Ironman, Racing for Planet x & Real Fitness Race Team – Supported by Real Fitness, Planet X, Skechers Performance Running Shoes, PandA Wetsuits and Open Water Specialists and nuun

With my Triathlon Race Season over I thought I’d post my 2013 results.



Review of my season 2013


Beaver – British Middle Distance Championships – 4th age group, 12th overall

 This race attracted the some of the best in the country with the overall winner Scott Neyedli (UK AND WALES Ironman Winner!) So I was very pleased with my placing and some fast spilts..

swim 36mins bike 2hr 16mins and Run 1hr 22mins..

A great race with a tough climb on a 3 lap bike course, follwed by an uphill & downhill 1/2 marathon run!



Clumber Classic Duathlon  National championships – Age Group winner!, 8th overall

After last years 3rd Place  I wanted to get on the podium again! 8th was a strong finish with a few pro’s in the field and my time was quicker than last year

Splits – 34min 10k run, 1hr 1min 40k bike, 18min 5k run, Finish 1hr 54mins

Pleased to win my category in a strong field!


Outlaw Full Ironman – 6th overall!

Pre race warm up! over 30 degrees on race day – the hottest day of the year.. The plan was go steady on the swim, hit the bike and then run smart! Swim went ok, the bike was flat and rolling with only one real climb on the course, I posted a 5hr 6min split.. one of the fastest (if you don’t count Kev Dawson – awesome ride by him!) The the Run…. Total carnage, over 30degrees no breeze no clouds…. usually I’m good with the heat but I was feeling it and the last 10k were a blur! glad to finish in one piece and respect to everyone who finished! 

Splits – swim 1hr 8mins, bike 5hr 6mins, run 3hr 31mins – Finish 9hr 50mins

Running for the Camera! moved upto 6th Male individual


Ultimate Tri Half Ironman – 2nd overall, AG Winner

 I was using this race as a warm up for Ironman Wales

I came out the water in 19th, moved upto 4th on the bike and Run into 1st on the RUN!.. But then I took a wrong turn on the run and lost 2 to 3mins, still finish 2nd and only seconds behind the winner!

Splits – swim 29mins, bike 2hr 24mins, run 1hr 26mins – Finish 4hr 23mins

Best prize package of the year.. Food, Shades, and a Trophy


Brigg Sprint ! 3rd overall, AG Winner

Thought I’d give a sprint race a go…. as they say ‘To be a fast Ironman you need to be a Fast Triathlete’.. a packed field of over 150 in this race with some super young fast guns! (well done Josh on the win 18yrs old!)

Splits – swim 7mins, bike 29mins, run 18mins – Finish 56mins 46secs

Ironman distance to Sprint distance….


Althorp Duathlon, European Champs Qualifier! – 2nd Overall, AG winner

Its all legs!! no swim.. Duathlons hurt, 10k run followed by 40k bike finshed with a 5k run!

The run course was hilly and more cross country and trails, only a small section on road.. So Trail shoes it was ‘Skechers Trail Go Bionic’. The 10k was 2 5k laps as usual it was a chaotic start but at the beginning of lap 2 it was just me and another guy in the lead, we ran in T1 transition seconds apart but my super quick transition took me out on the bike first.

The bike leg started uphill only 200metres or so, but then undulating and windy.. the roads were wet with lots of pot holes after the first climb I threw in some nutrtion High5 Iso Gel and then some High5 EnergySource X’treme(caffine!) Gotta have caffeine on these races!

With in 5k I’d been overtaken by the guy who I ran in with (after a long season of Ironman and Half Ironman races I knew my top end speed wasn’t quiet there so I kept to the same intencity and pace)

 I knew if I continued to fuel I’d maintain my speed and keep him in sight there’d be a good chance I’d catch him again on the run!

The last 5k of the bike I could feel myself slowing but I was still in 2nd!

Back to Transition still in 2nd but not feeling great…. Bike racked Skecher Trail shoes on and downed another High5 iso gel – This next 5k run was gonna hurt!

Thankfully my energy kicked in again and the choice of some light weight trail shoes on a tough course kept me going and I Finish 2nd.. Not bad for an Ironman distance racer!

Splits – run 10k  37mins, bike 40k 1hr 7mins, run 5k 19mins – Finish 2hr 5mins 


 Target for 2014

I’ll be entering a variety of Duathlon, Triathlons, and Full/Half Ironman races.. targeting:-

– Win at Clumber Classic

– Qualify for Kona World Ironman Championships at Ironman UK

I’ll be working hard on my swim during the winter to me the edge in the long distance races!!


Previous years – placings

2008 – 2012

Challenge Henley 2012 – 21st overall 1hr 8min Swim, 5hr 29min Bike, 3hr 10min Run, Finish 9hr 52min 

Challenge Henley 2011 – 54th overall 1hr 9min Swim, 5hr 40min Bike, 3hr 52min Run, Finish 10hr 50mins

Ironman uk 2012 – swim 1hr 7mins, bike 5hr 40mins run 3hr 36mins- Finish 10hr 30mins

Beaver middle distance 2011 –  Splits – swim 34mins, bike 2hr 10mins, run 1hr 26mins – Finish 4hr 14mins

Clumber classic Duathlon 2012, 36min 10k run, 1hr 1min 40k bike, 19min 5k run, Finish 1hr 58mins 3rd overall

Steelman 1/2 Ironman 2011, 4th overallSplitsswim 33mins, bike 2hr 29mins, Run 1hr 17mins – Finish 4hr 21mins


Humber Triathlon 2011 3rd overall

Winner Scunthorpe Duathlon Race league 2009, 2010


GB age group Qualifier at World Championships and European Championships (Triathlon and Duathlon)

World Triathlon Champs – Hamburg 2008

World Triathlon Champs -Vancouver 2009

European Champs – Holten Holland 2009

European Champs – Althlone Ireland 2010

Duathlon World Champs – Scotland 2010



Metabolic Rate

How to Increase Metabolic Rate

Low Metabolism
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Strength Training = Lean Muscle and Low Body Fat

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