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This morning I had a catch up with Amanda and Louise to discuss how we’d re-launch the weekly weigh in’s., Biggest Loser Contest type thing!

So we discussed, setting body weight targets and rewards for weight loss etc.. I asked the question is weight loss more important than body fat percentage? they both said yes!

So I put this to Louise.., would you be happy if you had 10% body fat and weighed 9stone.. or would you prefer to be 8stone 12lbs and have 20% body fat!?

Obviously Louise (like most) said she’d prefer to be 8stone 12lbs!

But me in my Sport Science mode never understands this.. less body fat = toned and shapely and an increase in the scalesmetabolic rate (how many calories you burn daily!), But after 7 years of working with you guys I see that the number on the scales is the most important motivation to YOU! my job is to try to keep you training hard and hopefully you’ll see the body fat percentage come down also!

The target for Real Fitness then on this next weigh in programme is to try to get you to be focussed on body composition rather than just the number on the scales.. (Water %, muscle % and fat %) this need to be addressed in order to maintain a healthy body weight.

We are looking to start ASAP! offering a Weigh in possibly on Mondays after 10:30am at Sprotbrough Goldsmith centre and 6pm at Scawthorpe on Thursdays.. on the evening sessions the scales will be set up for you to use (we’ll provide an step by step guide) if you need a coach to help you out then you must get there early and let us know asap!

We’ll give you a target weight/body fat loss and provide an info sheet to help you understand and track your performance!

Cusworth Park 5k Run, 5th Sept

Some great times this morning!.. still need to find kaz’s week 3 results, scan facebook folks!

See today’s & past results below..

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Names week1 week2 week3 week4 week5
Scott Mc 23:46 pb 23.50 24:52
Mick P 23:06 1st male 22:29 pb
Karen 37:32 dnf
Lou 37:32 42:36
Fred 35:04 35:36 36:30
Jo W 30:12 dnf 29:31 31:30
Dave R 35:59 35:45 35:41 37:44
Jackie 37:44 38:08
Lynne 42:32 40.58
Deb 28:46 1st lady 36:30
Judy 30:16 31:08
Lisa 35:29 34:18
Sophie 39:19
Caz H 37:32 35:44 35:12 pb 34:19pb
Andy F 26:38 26:15 25:09 pb
Teresa F 30:49 31.16 30:29pb
Sally R 27:19
Ali J 29:12
Dee 34:45
Amanda 28:16
Alison 37:02
Mike 35:22
Woody 22:32

September Time Table

September Time Table

real-fitness-logo-white-no-strapline- vista

Here’s the plan folks, remember to bring your Award Chart, you get a stamp for each session and a sticker for being Awesome!

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Tuesday 1stmonth pass

7.45am – Run camp 40mins – Cusworth Hall – Outdoors (last session!)

6.00pm – POWER HOUR Circuit! – Cusworth Hall – Outdoor


Wednesday 2nd BOOTCAMP

9.30am – Boxing Camp 40mins – Anchorage lane – Outdoors

6.00pm – HiPER (High/Low) Bootcamp – Cusworth Hall – Outdoors


Thursday 3rd real food

9.30am – Kaz’s Bootcamp! 40mins – Anchorage lane – Outdoors

6.00pm – POWER HOUR HiTT, Boxing, Stepping & Abs!! – Scawthorpe – Indoors


Friday 4th

9.30am – FUN FRIDAY with Louise 40mins – Anchorage lane – Outdoors

6.00pm – Tour Bootcamp – Cusworth Hall – Outdoors


Saturday 5th

7.45am – Run camp, Intervals for Intermediate 45mins – Cusworth Hall – Outdoors

9.00am – 5k Cusworth Park Run – Cusworth Hall – Outdoors

we can ru

Monday 7th

9.30am – SPARTAN Bootcamp 40mins – Anchorage lane – Outdoors

6.00pm – POWER HOUR Bootcamp – Cusworth Hall – Outdoors

7.00pm – 20min Run Attack – Cusworth Hill!


Tuesday 8th

?am – TBC

6.00pm – POWER HOUR Bootcamp HiTT, Abs, Upper Body – Sprotbrough – Indoors

7.00pm – Boxing Technique Camp Special 20mins!


Wednesday 9th

9.30am – Boxing Camp 40mins – Anchorage lane – Outdoors

6.00pm – HiPER Bootcamp – Cusworth Hall – Outdoors


Thursday 10th

9.30am – Kaz’s Bootcamp! 40mins – Anchorage lane – Outdoors

6.00pm – POWER HOUR Circuit Bootcamp – Scawthorpe – Indoors Kaz & Lou


Friday 11th

9.30am – Fun Friday with Louise 40mins – Anchorage lane – Outdoors

6.00pm – Tour Bootcamp – Cusworth Hall – Outdoors


Saturday 12th

7.45am – No session

8.45am – Social Run, meet about 8.30/8.45, check running group facebook for various groups that will be meeting – Cusworth Hall – Outdoors

dont give up

What’s your Success Story?

Real Fitness.. Real Success Stories

Thank you to Vicky, Louise, Amanda, Jackie, Caz and Kerry for being very brave and sharing their own fitness journey and the success they’ve had along the way.. Nothing has been edited or add just Real feedback in their own words..

Thank you as always to Karen and Louise for helping Real Fitness create a Really Positive atmosphere to help people get in shape, improve fitness and make it fun!

Vicky Thanks to real fitness I’ve reached the fitness standards to join the RAF. Real fitness has helped me achieve my dream and my ultimate goal of a fantastic new career. I’ve had a blast..losing over a stone in the process. I’ve changed as a person and see fitness in a completely different way. I would never have got fit enough if it wasn’t for Real Fitness. I love this group! Thanks so much Dean and Karen!

Louise G (now a coach with Real Fitness) When I started with Real Fitness I weighed 7st 5lb, I now weigh 8st 8 lb??? I have always battled with my weight, including anorexia and over exercising to keep the pounds off. Real Fitness has shown me a new way of lifestyle by eating real food and exercising to achieve a body that I am happy with. I now have regular healthy meals and enjoy quoteeating almost what I want to. Yes I do have pizza, chips and cake but cook them all from scratch using healthy nutritious ingredients. The classes and running groups have given me confidence, determination & inspiration to find a happier, healthier me! Everyone is so supportive including coaches and the people who attend the sessions. I have met some fantastic people and made some amazing friends on my journey. Thank You Real Fitness!! Xxx

Amanda This is my journey with real fitness, I joined real fitness 3 1/2 years ago and I was so sacred, I’m not very confident ( true) so it was a big step for me to take. I’d packed in smoking and weighed 11 stone 6 and a very uncomfortable size mand114, I knew I had to do something, I went, I hurt( like hell) but went back for more, I’m so glad I did. the support of the coaches and the Freinds I have made as made every ache a pain worth while, I always said I would never run (I can’t run I can’t walk upstairs with being out of breath) and only 2 years ago I did my first race, 6 1.2 k, now I’m aiming for a marathon, I love what I do, I’ve made it part of my life,I no I bore people with my run keeper or Bootcamp post,but if I could help just 1 person like real fitness as helped me, its all worth while, its not just about the excersise they have mand2taught me how to cook,don’t laugh, the things I have been taught is amazing,I’m trying new food all the time,don’t get me wrong if I’m working hard I’m having my treats( mmmm chocolate, cider mmmm) but now I no if I put the effort in I will get the rewards,real fitness and my Bootcamp,running Freinds are more than just Freinds I feel like there my family( the family I do like lol) here is a before picture and after, thank you Dean N Debbie Kirkhamand Karen Glynn and everyone of my Freinds for changing my life,I’m now 9 stone 5 and a comfortable size 10, I’m happy

Alison Thank you Dean, Kaz & Louise – I only ran when I was at school (aged 12) could do the 800 metres. Great times. After that could not run at all. Had 2 serious operations and put some weight on. joining the group boosted my confidence, lost some weight and I did my first official race Doncaster 5K in 38 mins 11 sec. Much appreciated for your help. What a great group. Like Amanda Woodley will keep on going. Alison x

Caroline I had seen you all on anchorage playing field and for months I wanted to walk over but never had the courage. Stella caz1used to say go over caz and I would reply they all look super fit and I bet there all in clicks, I wouldn’t fit in ( how very wrong I was) . I walked over the field on a chilly January Friday morning, it was Karen’s Fun Friday, I felt sick and nearly turned back, I’m so glad I didn’t, I loved it, everyone was fantastic and Karen was great.
I went from kaz Fun Friday to Dean’s hyper Wednesday. loved them. But then there was the running? I struggle with my legs a little so I hated the running, I couldn’t run.
You were all doing the races and I would come and take photos. Kaz said to me, “you will be doing this next time caz” I said I’m happy taking the pics .
teamphotoJanuary this year was the turning point for me when Dean set the 30 days of real food challenge ,learning how to read food labels and getting in the kitchen making real food the weight started to come off. And the running started I’ve gone from can’t run to running in my first race the askern 10 k on the 20th of May, the feeling of what I had achieved when I went over the finishing line was fantastic . I could not have achieved all this with out the amazing group of people that give you a little push when needed .
I’ve been part of real fitness now for three and a half years and never looked back, so here’s to the next three . Cheers Real Fitness

Jackie I’ve always enjoyed the odd exercise class, but never really did anything on a regular basis, then you get busy with work and before you know it, you have piled on the weight and no longer have the confidence to join in and do jak1anything because you are so unfit. Well I had to brake that cycle and decided to give real fitness a go. I can still remember how much that first session hurt, OMG I was in agony. But I survived and went back again. Over 2 years on and I’m still going. So what is so different about real fitness that makes me want to keep coming back, it’s simple…..

jak2The people, the camaraderie is fantastic, the support and encouragement from the coaches never ceases to amaze me. The bootcamp sessions are bril, with a mix of
everything. I have gone from don’t run, can’t run, won’t run to ok let’s give it a go, nice and slow (my slogan) to half marathon and shared every emotion along the way. I have lost probably about 2 stone and feel so much fitter and made some amazing friends too, So thank you
Dean and Karen xx

Kerry I attended my first bootcamp session in 2011 it was introduced to me by a friend I met her in the car park at scawthorpe, not knowing what to expect. I had decided that I needed to do something. In 2008 I began to have anxiety attacks, in 2009 I lost my job (got made redundant) whilst pregnant. I was not working for 2 years and still having these attacks bad enough to call out the ambulance which I was totally embarrassed about. Anyway I was not very confident I was going out of my mind staring at the same 4 walls with nothing but baby talk so when my friend told me she had started bootcamp I couldn’t wait to see what it was all about. The warm up killed me, but it was different to any gym or class I had been to in the past. I continued to meet my friend untill one day she didn’t turn up, I was petrified of being there by my self I’d only been a few times before but I stayed anyway and am so glad I did. I have never looked back from that day I said to my self you can so this. I didn’t want to stop coming I was enjoying myself too much. After about a month I started to go to more classes and started noticing a difference in my shape and so did my friends and family. So much so that several of them joined and some are still coming to the classes. Run camp was a definate no no I could not run to save my life. After about a year I thought why not give it a try. And that was the start of running for me. I was planning some firsts this year but that’s another story… The anxiety is almost a thing of the past I feel very confident. I’ve met some fantastic and
insperational people, it’s real fitness bootcamp forever 4 me. X

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Real Fitness is unique and original.. Since 2007 We’ve focussed on a welcoming environment – backed up with fitness routines and workouts that burn Real calories and Get You in Shape!

How can you get involved?

  1. Beginners Run Course at Cusworth & Epworth.. Cusworth starts 7th September.. only 10 places left (click for info)
  2. 1 day bootcamp, 29th August.. 1 place left (join us)
  3. September month pass.. 10 passes left (buy NOW!)
  4. Baby Steps to Fitnes.. a new session for new mums.. click here for more info


September Award Charts!

September Award Chart

Limited to the first 30 to sign up for a September Month Pass

We want to get you motivated after the holiday season and get you back it shape and improve your fitness! We launch this campaign next Tuesday (1st September)

Step 1

photo 5Buy a month pass and receive your September award chart, you can buy on-line click here, or at your next session. Only 30 available, first come first served!

Step 2

Attend a Bootcamp, Run camp or 1 Dayer and get your chart stamped (1 stamp for attending a session, (5 stamps for attending a 1 dayer!)

Step 3

Earn a STICKER for being Awesome at a Bootcamp or Run Camp, (see image with stamp and sticker on the chart)photo 1 (2)

Step 4

Post your weekly totals on facebook on each Sunday (take a photo of your chart and post it on the real fitness facebook page)


The one with the most stamps each week will be entered into our month end prize draw for a Free Place at the next 1 day BootCamp photo 4 (1)

The one with the most Stickers at the end of the month will earn a FREE MONTH PASS for October (or when they are due!) and be named ‘Champion of Bootcamp!’

There are 40 empty circles on your chart.. Who will fill all 40 in one Month?

Spot prizes, Look out for Coaches Spot Prizes/Stickers.. Dean, Lou and Kaz will be looking out for Star photo 3 (2)Performers. If you enter a Running Event, or maybe a group of you go on a social run and post some really great photos…. you ‘might’ earn a sticker or a prize!

Starts Tuesday 1st September!


  1. If you’re late.. NO STAMP! be on time Fred!
  2. No Chart.. NO STAMP
  3. No cheating..
  4. Coaches decision is FINAL!

August week 4 – Bootcamp Menu!

Week beginning 24th August, Here’s you fitness menu

real-fitness-logo-white-no-strapline- vista





9.30am – SPARTAN Bootcamp 40mins – Anchorage lane – Outdoors

6.00pm – POWER HOUR Bootcamp – Cusworth Hall – Outdoors

7.00pm – 20min Run Attack – Cusworth Hill!

baby steps


7.45am – Run camp 40mins – Cusworth Hall – Outdoors

6.00pm – POWER HOUR Circuit Bootcamp – Sprotbrough cm ctr – Outdoors (next 2 weeks)


9.30am – Boxing Camp 40mins – Anchorage lane – Outdoors

6.00pm – HiPER Bootcamp – Cusworth Hall – Outdoors


9.30am – Kaz’s Bootcamp! 40mins – Anchorage lane – Outdoors

6.00pm – POWER HOUR Box/Steps/HiTT Bootcamp – Scawthorpe – Indoors

we can ru

9.30am – Team Bootcamp/Stretch & Tone 40mins – Anchorage lane – Outdoors

6.00pm – Tour Bootcamp – Cusworth Hall – Outdoors

dont give up

7.45am – Run camp, Intervals for Intermediate 45mins – Cusworth Hall – Outdoors

9.00am – 5k Cusworth Park Run – Cusworth Hall – Outdoors

Beginners Run Group


Hello and welcome to the ‘Cusworth – Real Fitness Beginners Running Group’, Dean Kirkham will be your Run Leader

sometimes they get lost!
away days! sometimes they get lost!

and supporting you during this exciting run journey, Dean is very motivated to help you achieve your running and fitness goals, he is a fully qualified coach and registered run club with England Athletics. Dean Kirkham, a Fitness Professional with over 20 year experience, Dean has seen many fitness ‘fads’ over his career but knows that RUNNING has always been one of ‘the’ most recognised ways to get Fit & Healthy!

Our slogan is ‘WE CAN RUN!’, yes even YOU!

The Beginner courses are designed to maximise your individual potential. We focus on the group working together to motivate and inspire each other .

So.. who can come? Everybody is welcome, primarily beginners, people just getting back into running, or people who want to run with a group

Do you need expensive trainers & clothes? No., loose fitting clothing, leggings etc is fine! Dust off those old trainers to start with, bring a a thin jacket or jersey that can be removed if you get hot and put back on when we cool down. Bring a water bottle!

We are however supported by Metres to Miles, Julian will give a 10% discount to all Real Fitness Run Group membermetrestomiles_shop


From non-runner to race completer!
From non-runner to race completer!


Will everyone be really fit? This course is aimed at beginners, running/shuffling for no more than 45/60 seconds to start with, and plenty of time to recover. That’s right guys, running intervals based around seconds not minutes. This will allow you to get your body slowly adapted to the requirements needed for running. You work as hard as you want and rest as much as you need.


The beginner sessions will always have their own running specialist coach. You will:

  1. build confidence
  2. improve running ability
  3. burn fat
  4. tone your body
  5. make new friends

There are many other positive benefits to running, whether it is just to get fit or to raise money for a charity.. all runners have to start somewhere.

We hope to see you at the new session, starting on Monday


Ironman Austria 2015

My first Big Race of the season.. Ironman Austria, an iconic Triathlon event in Europe 2.4mile swim, 112mile bike, 26mile run.. ‘You are an Ironman’!.. well I hoped to be again!


I’d come with a plan for a fast time, no pressure about qualifying for Kona just focus on this race., the lake swim looked amazing, clear and a lot warmer than the UK, so no excuses here, the bike course is know for being one of the quickest but it ain’t flat!, at least 1700mtrs of climbing (4 notable climbs, but the drops are fast and generally follow into a nice flat section). The run looked a bit messy around the transition area but out to Krumpendorf and to Klagenfurt was a simple out & back.

We arrived on the Thursday so I had 2 days to loosen the legs (after the 14hr drive from calais!), test the swim, ride a small section of the bike course and run a few miles.., all part of the tapering process to ensure you are fully recovered and fresh to race.., now I hate the taper, I like to be out training but I know I should rest, I can generally go off a 10 day taper, anything more and I’m losing fitness ‘right’! but this time I felt calm with the taper and enjoyed stuffing my face with pizza & pasta and cakes!

my cheerleader!
my cheerleader!

I’m always nervous!

If it’s a sprint race I’m nervous, if its an Ironman I’m nervous…. but I’ve learnt to control this over the years and focus on how I will race and what I will do when the going gets tough, you need to be confident that the training you’ve done will put you in a position to race well. Get the mind and the body in tune is key!

I was fuelled, hydrated and mentally and physically good to go! I use nuun hydration before and during to keep on top of my electrolytes.

The swim is a simple out, across & back down a canal, I’d targeted 60mins which I’m capable of if I swim well and was on target until the final turn to land and down the canal but I’d swam wide on the final turn with a group of swimmer and before we knew it we’d strayed off course.. and the morning sun was staring right down our goggles making it difficult to see the buoys to follow, it felt like an age before we were back in line with course, and canal section was crazy., a tight section were everyone is scrambling for clean water…. Finally out in 70mins! not happy! But I was cool with it.. ‘Just race YOUR race’ I muttered to myself!! 1559363_10203321966084841_693860541806691222_o

After a quick transition I was on two wheels and lapping up the energy from the crowds, ‘time to get the legs thumping those pedals’! As I said it ain’t flat but has potential to be fast, me and the bike were flying and I felt strong, whizzing past the guys in front of me, all was now going to plan.. average mph was going up & up…. until the biggest climb, I hit the base well and carrying lots of momentum, but I changed gears a bit harshly and the chain bounced off, so at this point I’m on the steepest section – I needed to jump of the bike and pop the chain back on.., no problem, but trying to then pedal again and get my feet in the cleats going up hill was impossible!.. I pushed the bike and tried to jump on – no joy!, eventually a fellow competitor gave me a gentle push to create momentum and I back riding.. but the gears were stuck!! argh!! start again! It probably only cost me 4-5mins but at the time it felt like half hour11202572_10205515883631335_5016250054075707817_n (1)

I stayed calm though and didn’t fall into the trap of go fast and catch up, the final loop and second lap all went to plan, I fuelled well, threw down the salts and sugars and prepared for the RUN!


Just a marathon to finish, recently my run has been my best weapon (not 100% sure why) and today I felt good.. It was hot & humid just the way I like it, I always run with a fuel belt, carry a salt drink & sugary sweets, the support on the run was fantastic, loud music, cheers and the smell of BBQ’s & Beers.. I ran the first 5k strong and I could tell I was in for a good marathon, I fuel up at every station either with a gel, water, or coke followed by cold sponges down my top (never miss an energy station!).11249228_925447510853238_2474738163951467827_n As usual I was running in my Skechers Go Speed2 racers.. fast, light and stable and really suit my run style

I used GoRun Speed2, light, stable & fast!
I used GoRun Speed2, light, stable & fast!

A dark moment at 38k got me very confused!! I couldn’t remember how many kilometres there were in a marathon, do I run hard from 38k thinking a marathon is only 40k…. my head was everywhere and I thought I was losing it! I guzzled down 2 coke cups and water and tried to keep putting one foot in front of the other.. and before I knew it the lights were back on and from Krumpendorf town centre and ran it hard all the way back to the finish!! BOOM job done 9hr 32mins…. a 17min pb, a 3hr 14min marathon split, first Brit home!


New Perf Logo For Email Signature[663]Big thanks the Skechers Performance Shoes and nuun hydration for their continued support, and of course my wife Deb for the whoop whoops at every opportunity.. had a great time with the Wilkes family, great friendship and company over the 4 days!

11313172_10203321958364648_1348936815132531579_o (1)

Good luck Jason at Kona!

Triathlon online coaching available 



8 week Real Fitness Challenge RESULTS!

Final Week Totals

Hello all.. WOW some amazing results during the summer holiday season, lots of run miles, bootcamps and excellent food post, as always its the support of the group that will keep you all going.. RESULTS below!



Jackie Feeley run miles 120, bootcamps 36,  GOLD!!

Kirsty Werritt run miles 106, bootcamps 32,  GOLD!!

Jo Wilson run miles 167.5, bootcamps 31,  GOLD!!

Sandrine Gallagher run miles 6, bootcamps 4,  bronze.. must try harder!

Louise Gwenette run miles 131, bootcamps 51,  GOLD!! 

Kirsten Pollitt run miles 30, bootcamps 21,  Bronze.. must try harder

Sarah Moses run miles 30, bootcamps 8,  Bronze.. must try harder

Caroline Hague run miles 75, bootcamps 39,  Silver

Claire Day run miles 86, bootcamps 20,  Silver

Karen Glynn run miles 78, bootcamps 28,  Silver

Jane Maxfield run miles 5, bootcamps 6,  Bronze.. must try harder

Judy Pearce run miles 4, bootcamps 3,  Bronze.. must try harder

Lynne Wilcocks run miles 46, bootcamps 14,  Bronze.. must try harder

Liz Lee run miles 13, bootcamps 11,  Bronze.. must try harder

Amanda Woodley 114 run miles, 26 bootcamps, GOLD!!


Train Mean, Eat Clean.. Get Lean!

We all love a Challenge!.. So my challenge to YOU is Train mean, eat clean, get lean!



8 Week Real Fitness + Real Food Challenge!

Train Mean, Eat Clean.. Get Lean!

We all love a Challenge!.. So my challenge to YOU is NOT 6 WEEKS.. BUT 8 WEEKS.. Training mean, Eating Clean, Get Lean!


Train Mean..

I know YOU work hard in Bootcamps, but I want you to do more!!, before or after any session can you squeeze in a 15min run? every 15min extra counts!! (I’ll throw in some Run Attack Sessions.. look out on Facebook or email/text)

real food

Commit to Get Fit!

make the commitment NOW! how many session are yiou going for each week? post your target on facebook?

Bronze Level – 16 bootcamps over the 8 weeks + 75miles Running

Silver Level – 24 bootcamps over the 8 weeks + 95miles Running

Gold Level – 32 Bootcamps over the 8 weeks + 120miles Running

real fun

Eat Clean

Don’t be shy, and don’t think you can’t cook, bake or prepare Real Food – Get on the ’30-days Real Food’ Facebook page and we’ll all help YOU, share your food idea’s, discuss your food problems.. lets help each other!

But You’ve gotta commit to a minimum of 1 post per week.. this must be your version of a recipe with method/ingredients to cook and photos!

Bronze Level – 1 Post per week over the 8 weeks

Silver Level – 2 Posts per week over the 8 weeks

Gold Level – 4 Posts per week over the 8 weeks

On the Run


Focus on your Fitness.. hit your Goal! If you Hit the Fitness and eat Real Food the weight loss will follow.. I’d like YOU to make your own targets as this is a very personal quest! But YOU must share your target, that way we can all encourage and drive you to your goal!


We’ll definitely need a night out to celebrate.. Suggestions Please!

On a Sunday Post on the Real Fitness facebook page all your workouts and run miles completed and I will log it all on a spreadsheet and keep you all updated!!