8 week Real Fitness Challenge RESULTS!

Final Week Totals

Hello all.. WOW some amazing results during the summer holiday season, lots of run miles, bootcamps and excellent food post, as always its the support of the group that will keep you all going.. RESULTS below!



Jackie Feeley run miles 120, bootcamps 36,  GOLD!!

Kirsty Werritt run miles 106, bootcamps 32,  GOLD!!

Jo Wilson run miles 167.5, bootcamps 31,  GOLD!!

Sandrine Gallagher run miles 6, bootcamps 4,  bronze.. must try harder!

Louise Gwenette run miles 131, bootcamps 51,  GOLD!! 

Kirsten Pollitt run miles 30, bootcamps 21,  Bronze.. must try harder

Sarah Moses run miles 30, bootcamps 8,  Bronze.. must try harder

Caroline Hague run miles 75, bootcamps 39,  Silver

Claire Day run miles 86, bootcamps 20,  Silver

Karen Glynn run miles 78, bootcamps 28,  Silver

Jane Maxfield run miles 5, bootcamps 6,  Bronze.. must try harder

Judy Pearce run miles 4, bootcamps 3,  Bronze.. must try harder

Lynne Wilcocks run miles 46, bootcamps 14,  Bronze.. must try harder

Liz Lee run miles 13, bootcamps 11,  Bronze.. must try harder

Amanda Woodley 114 run miles, 26 bootcamps, GOLD!!


Train Mean, Eat Clean.. Get Lean!

We all love a Challenge!.. So my challenge to YOU is Train mean, eat clean, get lean!



8 Week Real Fitness + Real Food Challenge!

Train Mean, Eat Clean.. Get Lean!

We all love a Challenge!.. So my challenge to YOU is NOT 6 WEEKS.. BUT 8 WEEKS.. Training mean, Eating Clean, Get Lean!


Train Mean..

I know YOU work hard in Bootcamps, but I want you to do more!!, before or after any session can you squeeze in a 15min run? every 15min extra counts!! (I’ll throw in some Run Attack Sessions.. look out on Facebook or email/text)

real food

Commit to Get Fit!

make the commitment NOW! how many session are yiou going for each week? post your target on facebook?

Bronze Level – 16 bootcamps over the 8 weeks + 75miles Running

Silver Level – 24 bootcamps over the 8 weeks + 95miles Running

Gold Level – 32 Bootcamps over the 8 weeks + 120miles Running

real fun

Eat Clean

Don’t be shy, and don’t think you can’t cook, bake or prepare Real Food – Get on the ’30-days Real Food’ Facebook page and we’ll all help YOU, share your food idea’s, discuss your food problems.. lets help each other!

But You’ve gotta commit to a minimum of 1 post per week.. this must be your version of a recipe with method/ingredients to cook and photos!

Bronze Level – 1 Post per week over the 8 weeks

Silver Level – 2 Posts per week over the 8 weeks

Gold Level – 4 Posts per week over the 8 weeks

On the Run


Focus on your Fitness.. hit your Goal! If you Hit the Fitness and eat Real Food the weight loss will follow.. I’d like YOU to make your own targets as this is a very personal quest! But YOU must share your target, that way we can all encourage and drive you to your goal!


We’ll definitely need a night out to celebrate.. Suggestions Please!

On a Sunday Post on the Real Fitness facebook page all your workouts and run miles completed and I will log it all on a spreadsheet and keep you all updated!!