Eating Patterns

Eating Patterns to reduce gaining fat and losing muscle

The ideal eating pattern is one that helps maintain muscle and minimise fat gains. You may be following a great workout plan but if you don’t compliment this with an appropriate eating routine you could missing out on energy levels and fat loss!!
There are generally three types of eating patterns that people follow. Have a read and see where you fall into.

Eating Pattern One

Eating small meals frequently, but each meal never exceeds 400 calories –approximately six eating times per day

Eating Pattern Two

This is usually infrequent eating –three meals a day – morning, lunch,evening – but the meals exceed 400 calories (generally up to 800cals).

Eating Pattern Three

Represents a person who spends most of the day in an energy deficit statefrom not eating enough when energy (food) is needed. At the end of theday a large meal is consumed to bring the body back into energy balance –but much of this meal will be stored as FAT.

So what is the best plan to follow?

Pattern Three = Loss of muscle, muscle will be broken and used as an energy source since no food has been taken on board, when food is eventually taken on board i.e. 6/7pm much of this is stored as fat as the body has been starved all day it now wants to store energy as fat. Prone to losing muscle – losing muscle = metabolic rate slows down = less calories being burnt.

Pattern Two = The standard three-meal-a-day schedule. This forces you to eat more food (energy) making it difficult to stay in ‘Energy Balance’. Prone to gaining fat – energy balance is all over the place, 1hr you can befull of Beans the next 2hr you can’t keep your eyes open!

Pattern One = The ideal pattern to follow. Staying in energy balance is easier on a six-meal pattern. Frequent consumption of small meals will give you excellent energy throughout the day, provided you do not exceed 400 or so calories for each meal.

You may not fall exactly into one of these patterns, but I’m sure you’ll recognise your pattern. If you truly want to maximise your workout and reduce body fat then PATTERN ONE is your goal. This way of eating will feel strange to start with but give it go (you’ve tried everything else!). But remember the ‘Number One’ rule – Exercise Should Be The Core of any Desired Body Composition.

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