Full Health Check.. beyond the Weighing Scales

Living Beyond the Scales!

Fed up of being a slave to the scales.. If you only judge your health by the number of the scales then you’re probably never going to reach a target/ideal body weight.. and more than likely you’ve been a Yo Yo dieter..

Your body is made up of upto 60% water,

Part 1 – We’ll take a closer look at the Composition of your body..  Including Body Fat/Lean Muscle/Water ratio‘s to help YOU see what’s going on in your body and improve my diet/workouts to ensure I will be in Optimal Condition to hit my 2018 targets.

Part 2 – Then we will look a little closer and check your Cholesterol, Hemoglobin and Glucose Levels. Simple Test and results there and then, no waiting and going back for results and solutions!.

You’ll go away with clear action points and detailed feedback

If this is something your interested in… seeing the WHOLE picture rather than living to just the scales then get in touch with Real Fitness (Dean Kirkham)

FULL.. package for only £38

Book a appointment available NOW!  realfitness@live.co.uk, text 07766 164 919

First client feedback..

“totally recommend excellent professional service tried and tested with proven results. I’m now armed to improve my diet plan to ensure I will be in Optimal Condition to hit my 2018 targets” all done and dusted in one hour!

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