Have you graduated from the first 30-day Real Food Challenge?

30 days of Real Food
30 days of Real Food


So nearly 30-days ago we set ourselves a challenge.. to go 30 days eating REAL FOOD!

There were a simple set of rules.. Basically making your own food from real ingredients, sharing photos, tips and supporting everyone on the journey

My target was to see how many of you would get back into the kitchen and make meals from scratch, go shopping for real ingredients…. and hopefully along the way become healthier, have more energy and enjoy ‘Real Food’


There’s been some real stars of the group, some for being brave and trying new ingredients and lots simply getting knee deep in bread mixtures, smoothies and flapjacks.. it been fantastic to watch the 30 days unfold on the Facebook page.

Anyway.. On to the Graduation!


if your name is down you’ve Graduated (in no particular order!)

  1. Amanda Woodley
  2. Kerry Davies
  3. Allison Smith
  4. Liz Lee
  5. Kirsty Werritt
  6. Claire Day
  7. Caroline Hague (and Stella!)
  8. Sarah Cooney
  9. Sarah Moses
  10. Kirsten Pollitt
  11. Louise Gwennette
  12. Berni’
  13. Kaz’
  14. Judy Pearce
  15. Jackie Feeley
  16. Delia Wright
  17. Mel Broadhurst
  18. Jane Maxfield
  19. Deb Kirkham
  20. Alison Jackson
  21. Jo Wilson
  22. Me!

Congratulations to you all.. Who’s up for round 2? Starts this Wednesday .. If you’ve completed 30-days then you’re onto the 60-day challenge!…. anyone new can start 30-days!

I know you’ll have the odd bad day and or eat something that’s not Real Food.. But we’re human it ok! Just don’t let it happen too often eh!

dont give up

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