June 2018 – Transformers Challenge Part 3.. There’s a lot!!

Remind Yourself.. the order of importance

We are on a calorie focused plan, (not a calorie reduction plan) the average female calorie need ar 2,000 – average male is 2,500.. Don’t skimp on this particularly if your exercise.. As a rule of thumb for extra calories when exercising.. See below

  • Use the 60% rule
  • Eg – If you burn 100 cals in a 30mins walk.. You only need an extra 60cals
  • If you burn 400 cals in a bootcamp you need 240cals extra.. Ideally 120cals before and after.. food/drink that is light on the stomach, 60mins before the workout.. And within 20min after a workout

Remind Yourself.. the order of importance

  1. Good protein
  2. Quality Fats
  3. Fiberous Carbs
  4. Strength and Fitness Training.. Bootcamps
  5. Take photos of your food for you and you Buddy/Supporter to make comments and offer help/advice.. No need to comment on everyone’s


  • at work
  • at home
  • 45-60mins exercise every day.. YES.. its upto you pick a workout from the previous months
  • Stop being a moaner!.. Yep you’ve been BAD.. forgive yourself and move on
  • use your apps on your phone or smart watches.. 10,000 steps is minimum.. for a work day.. get up and walk about!

Toughen up

  • No you’re not gonna starve
  • NO more excuses.. ‘I’ve got a slow Metabolism’ or ‘I just can’t lose weight’.. ENOUGH! stop!
  • Stop Moaning!

Is this Bad for me..

  1. Sugar, keep it low! in terms of ‘carbs of which sugars’
  2. diet cokes/muller lights etc.. There no nutrition, but likewise on calories in a diet coke.. But still no a great choice
  3. Tea and Coffee.. Coffee can suppress an appetite, its’ a natural stimulant.. don’t over use it 3-5 cups per day

Increase your Fibre intake – Foods high in fibre, such as vegetables and whole-grains, help stretch out the stomach and signal to the brain that you’re full. Fibre also tends to slow down digestion – when you add in fibre to your meals, the rate at which the body digests the food takes longer. The longer this food sits in your stomach the fuller you’ll feel.

A regular daily Meal plan – Hunger hormones controls when you get hungry. Fortunately, these hormone can also be ‘trained’. Training yourself to eat at set times will keep your hormone in balance – you’ll get hungry at similar times in the day – this will reduce the risk of falling off plan.

Don’t be overly restrictive with your diet – What happens if I tell you that you can’t have something? You’re more likely to want that thing, right? eat the foods YOU enjoy.. with in the boundaries of the Calorie

JUNE 2018- Shape up is focused on Calories..  controlled calories:

Calories Count, because even a healthy diet won’t save you if you eat too much!

  • Food quality: has to be important, 4 cans of diet coke, 3 muller lights, 3 cereal bars just wont cut it!

As you know, I always bang on, food quality does matter and plays a powerful role in health and longevity.



  1. 100 miles running or 100k running
  2. 100 hills reps completed
  3. 100 miles cycling
  4. 100 mins of planks

5 . Each BootCamp session in JUNE will also have ONE 100 challenge included!!..

Throughout JUNE 2018.. YOU set yourself a challenge.. But tell everyone and commit to it..

If you are a RUNNER – 5 things to try on your runs this week!

  1. A new route
  2. Pretend your in a race.. And YOU are gonna WIN!
  3. Remind yourself that your in the top 0.01% of the national averages that Chooses to stay fit.. Real Fit!
  4. Do 1 fast mile..
  5. Run when you really don’t want to run.. Test yourself

Always be thankful that you CAN run..

Optional workout for your non-bootcamp days.. There are 3 days worth below.. eg Day 1 could be Monday, Day 2 could be Wednesday, Day 3 either Friday/Saturday.. so you can pick and choose.. BUT stick to your plan and tell your Buddy your weekly plan.. STICK TO IT!!

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