Open water swimming ‘V’ Pool swimming

Open water swimming ‘V’ Pool swimming
Swim coaching
Swim coaching
Over the winter you I’m guessing you’ve improved you swim.. But is this new gained swim fitness & speed carried over into open water?
The pool and open water are very different – The reason is that pool swimming and open water swimming are two very different types of swimming and require two different skill sets very much like riding on a turbo trainer and riding outside differ greatly.

Pool swimming is a nice, perfectly controlled environment while open water is a constantly, changing and often scary place.

In the pool, it is easier to swim in a straight line by following the black line and the lane’s black “T” that tells you exactly when  to turn. In open water, however, all you have is darkness, and you have to sight often to stay on course.

The pool also does not have the current or movement that many open water venues have. All these factors can add time onto your open water swim and make it more difficult to go the same pace that you are accustomed to.
In the Pool however you can raise your fitness and speed with structures interval training, and with a coach watching you can get instant feedback on your stroke.. If you only swim in the open water then your speed may plateau  
Because they are so different, it is hard to compare the two, and sometime pointless to beat yourself up over not getting faster in open water when you have in the pool.
Find a balance!

Swim more outside., say at least once per week during the race season, but don’t give up on the Pool sets! Take time to put your wetsuit on properly, try to keep good form/stroke whilst sighting, the wetsuit will give you more buoyancy and help keep you hips and leg up.. but the arms still need to move (so ‘again’ make sure your wetsuit fits properly), still keep a pool swim in your weekly workouts to focus on adding speed and or work on drills to help your open water swimming

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