Planning Your Goals

OK the season has started but its only June! there’s still July, August, September & October for the UK triathlon and duathlon season. Has this year/season got a focus? do you have a plan? are you on target to hit your goals?

So.. what ‘s you target?

– sub 12hr Ironman

– GB age group qualification

– Hit a pb in 10k, marathon etc

When setting your goals/targets always ‘keep it Real’ a GOAL needs to be personal, tricoachingsomething that lights a fire inside YOU, when you have a that goal it’s easy to remind yourself why you are training at 5am! and when the going get tough YOUR goal will keep YOU going.. Try to focus on the strong internal motivations rather than the external (the ego of beating a friend or hitting a time is external, but continually focussing on your own progression through your training and knowing you’re doing for your own personal reasons will carry you forward to each workout)

Here’s a few pointer.

  1. Why is this your target.. (are you just following someone else’s goal?)
  2. What does you goal mean to you! (fund raising for a charity..something that means a lot to you)
  3. What will drive you to your goal when you lose faith after a bad training session or race
  4. What is your current level of fitness? (is it possible right now!)

With consistent training and sticking to a plan YOU can raise the bar!

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