Real Fitness Lean Protein

Adequate recovery  is an integral part  of any exercise  routine. Recovery includes a variety of processes:

– Refuelling: Protein & Carbohydrate stores

– Rebuild & repair: Building new muscle & cells to to ensure you continue to burn calories during exercise and at rest

– Rehydrating: Replacing fluid & electrolytes lost in sweat



Timing is key to optimal recovery and nutritional recovery strategies should begin within the first hour after training!, or as a boost before exercise 


Eating protein immediately after training is important to help muscle growth and repair. This is especially important to ensure better adaptations to exercise i.e. making sure that the work put in counts! Approximately 16-25g protein should be consumed within the first hour after exercise.


Some Example Recovery Options Include:

  • fruit smoothie made with milk/ yoghurt
  • cottage cheese and rice cakes
  • pint of milk
  • total Greek yogurt and fruit or granola
  • scrambled egg on toast
  • tuna/meat wrap 
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