Improvers Run Camp

Improver’s Run Groups…. intermediate or just want to improve your running?

We will explain the different types of training (yes there is more than 1 way to run and train)

Below follows a little insight into the different areas we are going to target over the 8 week run training programme

1 x coached session per week, 2 x homework sessions, group support and motivation throughout

Interval running

playing with the pace.. easy/slow pace to short bursts of hard/fast pace.. all at your own pace, no one is left behind and everyone has a great workout

Improve your Speed:

We will be introducing 1 minute speed repetitions, this will teach your body to cope with running at an above race pace with sufficient rest covering race distances For example:

Dream Mile

How fast can you run 1 mile?, a 1 mile run effort will help you with your home work sessions

Hill running:








Years of study show that strengthening the muscles and ligaments adds stability and power to a runner’s stride, and it can mean the difference between staying on the road and being sidelined by an injury.

These are just a few benefits of specific speed, hills and interval running, we make the training hard but achievable with group support throughout!

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ep we can runLocation:- Cusworth

Start Date/Time:- 20th January 2016, 6.15pm

Coach:- Karen

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