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Real Fitness One 2 One Triathlon Coaching Plans

My name is Dean Kirkham, a coach, a triathlete and owner of fitness & health, I’ve be racing in triathlons, running events, cycle races etc for over 15years and been invloved in the fitness industry for over 22years…. I’ve seen fitness gimmicks, exercise trends and nutrition diets come and go!

Since racing Ironman I’ve qualified for Kona twice and represented Age Grouphoto 2 (2)p GB at various World and European events, I can honestly say I still love racing.

 I’m a Qualified Professional in a variety of Sports, Athletics Coach, Personal Trainer, British Triathlon Coach, Nutritionist, Strength & Conditioning plus a qualified GP referral coach.
I’m dedicated to helping Triathletes, athletes, duathletes, runners and cyclists of all abilities to reach their full potential and goals. Whether you are new to your chosen sport or have been racing for a number of years, I want to help you to reach your potential with a training plan designed to fit your goals and lifestyle.
My training plans will provide the focus, structure and appropriate progression you britishtrilogoneed to maximize your efforts, achieve your goals and race faster. They are affordable and hassle free.
I’m confident you will notice the difference from following one of my structured training plans. I can offer you a one off 8 – 20 week programme for any distance from super sprint to Ironman to follow leading up to your target event or a much more detailed weekly or monthly service.
NEW for 2016 – 6-week Tri-Conditioning Course CLICK for details 
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NEW for 2016.. Nutrition and Strength online programmes

Strength & Conditioning for Triathletes

S&C Programme & Support =£45 (online plan)

I also specialise in strength & conditioning programme design for all levels of athletes.

There is almost too much information for you to consider when attempting to design your own programme.  Common mistakes can be to follow routines found in general fitness magazines designed for the general public NOT the competitive triathlete.  A solid S & C plan will support your goals especially if you want to:-

  • Improve body composition through adding strength training
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Develop and build core strength
  • Remove imbalances which can affect performance and increase injury risk

Once you purchase this plan I will contact you for a call via Skype/telephone to assess your needs.  A plan will then be built to fit your goals and you will have 4 weeks online coaching to tweak the programme.  The programme will be delivered via email and where relevant have video instruction.  Coaching will take place via email and Skype.


Triathlon Nutrition Plans

please email me at as 
Full Nutrition Plan (4 weeks support) = £199:
Nutrition is the biggest component to improving your performance.. i.e. 2hrs a day training versus 12hrs a day of making poor meal choices simply doesn’t work. Race weight is fast!!
I will coach you and guide you to a personalised meal planner.
With this plan you will be accurately assessed for your goals and needs and a personalised.  When you receive your programme you will have daily contact with me to help you develop your nutrition skills, and be able to adjust your plan to suit your training demands
here’s the plan
  • Unlimited email access
  • Coaching knowledge on Nutrition
  • Daily food sheets checked weekly
  • Explanation of supplements
  • Calories explainedand calculated
  • Pre, post, during race/training nutrition help
  • Recovery considerations

And YES.. £199 for 4 weeks support…. a better investment than a £4,000 bike or £1,000 set of wheels.. make YOU lighter and stronger!! much cheaper!!

 email me asap for help or to book

Contact me today  07766164919
The above is just a very brief outline, our plans are unique to YOU and not just computer generated and feedout to clients at double the price, I’m still actively taking part in triathlon/Ironman racing so I know what is needed!
A qualified triathlon expert who has a vast experience of Triathlon coaching, and have competed at ITU World & European Championships and WTC Ironman Kona.
Reasons to get a Qualified Triathlon Coach
  • A easy to follow structured monthly/weekly training plan
  • Training Plan tailored specifically to your needs
  •  Specific training goals set
  • Achieve your potential and beyond
  • A good coach will keep you motivated
  •  Swim sessions and drills
  •  Bike sessions on the road and turbo
  • Running sessions on the track, road and/or treadmill
  •  Strength & conditioning
  •  Race preparation and tactics
  •  Nutritional advice
  •  Unlimited emails/Phone Calls/Texts to your coach
  •  Training Plans for any level Novice to Elite
  •  Training Plans for any distance Sprint to Ironman
  •  Race/Train in the Real Fitness kit (optional)
  •  Your results and photos featured on our site (optional)
  • One on One coaching available (contact for options)

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