February Run the Month?


If you enjoy running.. how about a Challenge?

You Can Run for a FULL MONTH, in order to do so You need a Plan.

But if you’ve already set yourself a more demanding goal e.g. a 10k or marathon then this could give you a Boost!

I suggest having a purpose to each run and adding easy/social runs into the mix.

Adding strength and flexibility training into your routine like our Bootcamps will also help you become a better runner.

Here’s a simple RUN the MONTH plan!

Monday – Recovery Run 20 mins just to loosen off yesterdays Long Run.

Tuesday – Social – With Friend/Social run.. 2/3miles, go off road,tracks and trails – enjoy nature! check the run group posts from Claire Day, Kirsten and Caz Hague.. they enjoy a Tuesday Social!

Wednesday – Speed – Speed this could be 1 minute fast running on flat surface followed by 45secs walk/stretch.. starting with 8 reps buildinmg upto 14 reps!

(this will be part of Wednesday Mornings in February.. starting with 8 x 1 minute fast run effort)

Thursday – Interval Style Run.. e.g 2/4/6/4/2 mins of effort (slightly higher pace than monday) followed by 1/2 time to run slow.. so 2mins effort – 1min easy.. 4mins effort – 2min easy! and so on!!

Friday – Strength! This ‘could’ be a hill session (Run/Power walk up Cusworth Hill and Jog back down to recover) week 1 = 6 hill reps, ending on week 4 with 12!

This will be part of Friday 6pm session

Saturday – Social, nice easy ‘chitchat’ pace or Family outing, but make sure its easy and short.

Sunday – Long run, e.g 4-6-8miles.. add a mile each week for 4weeks for progression.. 4 continuous miles might be where you are right now, add a 1 to 2 miles each week..

Recovery/Socials = Very light & easy!

Long = your longest run of the week

Be a Happy Runner!

Be a Happy Runner!

Running every day? Its a Challenge, But Run Happy!

Dean Kirkham, Real Fitness

Personal Trainer, Coach

07766 164 919


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