Metabolic Rate

How to Increase Metabolic Rate

Low Metabolism
Metabolism can be linked to genetics, but it has more to do with how active you are, and the amount of muscle tissue we have compared with fat.
Our muscles actively burn off the calories that we consume. They require more energy to work effectively. If you are living an inactive lifestyle, your muscles break down and they don’t burn the calories as they should.
Therefore, if our muscles are not breaking down the calories we consume, they get converted to fat cells.

When we are inactive, our metabolism decreases, and as a result less
calories are burned for energy and more are stored as fat.
A more active person slows the decline of their muscles mass and may even increase the overall muscle mass, depending on activity, and then their metabolism is higher. This makes it easier for a person to lose weight.

How do you increase your metabolism?
1. Exercise that helps build muscle also helps increase metabolism. Any
exercise will help (move that body MORE!).
2. Eat smaller meals more frequently (400 calories). If you have a small,
healthy snack in between meals you can actually jumpstart your
3. Don’t starve yourself when trying to lose weight. If your body has
nothing to metabolize, it will slow down completely. Then when you go to eat, your body will have a very difficult time breaking down food without it turning straight into fat.
4. One of the best low-impact exercises to do is walking. Try walking for 30 minutes three to five times a week (you could break down the 30
minutes into three 10 minute bouts ideally 20 minutes or so before a meal).This will increase your metabolism considerably.
5. Make sure you eat breakfast. If you don’t start your day getting your
metabolism going, you could have a hard time doing it when you eat a big lunch or big dinner.

Eating Patterns

Eating Patterns to reduce gaining fat and losing muscle

The ideal eating pattern is one that helps maintain muscle and minimise fat gains. You may be following a great workout plan but if you don’t compliment this with an appropriate eating routine you could missing out on energy levels and fat loss!!
There are generally three types of eating patterns that people follow. Continue reading “Eating Patterns”