Triathlon Conditioning – 6 week Course

January 2016 start dates

Conditioning has always been a foundation to my cardiovascular training, without muscles and connective tissue being in top shape you’ll be missing out on your true potential..

12039371_10203709348689164_3183990688448894716_nWhy is strength & Conditioning training important for triathletes? 

Injury prevention, You need well balanced muscles.. For example weak Glutes are one of the most common causes of ITBS and knee pain in endurance athletes. Functional strength exercises will help correct these weaknesses.

12003235_165070353831437_6194875411496011981_n (1)Improved efficiency, make the most of you cardiovascular training.. to go harder/longer you need strong muscles and connective tissue, do the correct exercises to improve Range of Movement, Flexibility, Speed and Endurance.

Functional, here’s the big difference.. Your exercises must be functional to Running, Swimming and Cycling, the exercises I will go through are designed to be functional to triathlon and develop Strength, Strength will be developed into Power…. Power is your Speed and Endurance!

What I’ll cover.. Full Range of Movement drills, Body Weight Exercises,

Kick start your Winter Training with specific triathlon conditioning exercise, I’ll coach you through each session and help you develop your progression and give you the information to carry you training to the next level..


Monday Evening *starts* 11th January 2016 7.15pm, STRENGTH WORK

Wednesday Evening *starts* 20th January 6.10pm, BASE CONDITIONING

Availability – Only 5 places, to ensure you get one 2 one attention!

What’s included – 45min workout, contact with me throughout the course

Location – Cusworth, DN5 8JJ

Cost – 6 week course only £45

Next course – above

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For more information please get in tough.. Dean Kirkham, I’ve been coaching sport and fitness for over 20 years, fully qualified, insured, and still motivated to improve!

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Payment options, online click below, or cash/cheque to Real Fitness