Unique You.. Doncaster – August-September Programme

Long term Weight Loss starts with a change in your Thoughts, Feeling and Behaviours.. what you think about becomes your mindset..

Thank you for taking an interest and or signing upto this Unique opportunity to make MASSIVE changes to your approach to Weight Loss and Mindfulness.

We are a Unique blend of Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Fitness and Nutrition.. there is no other ‘Programme’ like this.. ‘Move you Mind move your Body’

The Programme is an award winning system to help you control, cravings, emotions, feelings and behaviours around food..  delivered by John Wattam (Health Practitioner Professional) and Dean Kirkham (Health & Fitness Professional) both with over 20 years experience

Nobody ever sets out to be Over weight.. Everybody knows Why they have become over weight.. The problem is making long term positive changes

Next course August 22nd  to September 12th 2018 – every Wednesday 7.10pm, Adwick Leisure Centr –

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