We Can Run 8-week Run Courses

New Course Starts 21st September 2016.., week one is a FREE introductory session.. anyone can simply turn up ask questions, then enjoy a very simple easy run plan ‘taster session’

Hello and welcome to the ‘We Can Run’ Beginners Run Groups– Real Fitness Beginners Running Group’, Karen Glynn and Jackie Feeley (Cusworth) will be your Run Leaders and supporting you during this exciting run journey, the coaching team is very motivated to help you achieve your running and fitness goals, we are fully qualified as Run Leaders through England Athletics, and fully qualified Sports & Fitness Professionals13423758_968235013295279_6782194802318802899_n

Supporting the coaches will be Dean Kirkham, a Fitness Professional with over 20 year experience, Dean has seen many fitness ‘fads’ over his career but knows that RUNNING has always been one of ‘the’ most recognised ways to get Fit & Healthy!

Our slogan is ‘WE CAN RUN!’, yes even YOU!

13001315_938828022902645_7074221097908887416_nThe Beginner courses are designed to maximise your individual potential. We focus on the group working together to motivate and inspire each other .

So.. who can come? Everybody is welcome, primarily beginners, people just getting back into running, or people who want to run with a group

Do you need expensive trainers & clothes? No., loose fitting clothing, leggings etc is fine! Dust off those old trainers to start with, bring a a thin jacket or jersey that can be removed if you get hot and put back on when we cool down. Bring a water bottle!

Each course has a group run day, then you have a homework run day, followed by a social run at weekends, we give 12991093_938828112902636_4492234380542035143_nout lots of advice and support though emails and text support from your Coach, weight management, fitness improvement and nutrition advise all included

8 week run courses – Sign up to a group below!


12987220_938827979569316_1204835425260360735_nCusworth/Doncaster Group:- BEGINNERS GROUP – Starts Wednesday 21st September 2016

Location:- Cusworth Hall car park

Coach:- Jackie, Karen

Wednesdays 6.10pm